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Rob TrippCancrime is a website, podcast and newsletter by award-winning investigative journalist/author Rob Tripp about Canadian crime, criminals and the justice system. The site is a repository of thousands of pages of documents – parole records, investigation reports, confidential memos and other material related to crime, corrections and justice. The site was created in 2008 and now boasts a substantial library of material including many documents that you won’t find online anywhere else, including the internal parole records of some of the country’s most notorious criminals, like serial child killers David Threinen and Clifford Olson. Visit the Parole Records Library to see many more.

Cancrime took root while I was living in Kingston, Ontario, Canada’s prison capital. Four federal penitentiaries are located within a 20-minute drive of Kingston City Hall (Though this number was eight at the turn of this decade; since that time, maximum-security Kingston Penitentiary – the country’s oldest prison – was closed, along with a regional psychiatric facility and four prisons were blended into two, as minimum-security facilities became annexes of the higher-security, adjacent prison.) 

I was the crime reporter at The Kingston Whig-Standard, Canada’s oldest daily newspaper, until early January 2011, when I left the paper to work full time as a freelance crime writer. I’m now based in Calgary, Alberta with my family. I also have written for the Toronto Star, National Post, Montreal Gazette and a host of other papers and magazines.

My first true-crime book, Without Honour: The True Story of the Shafia Family and the Kingston Canal Murders, was published by HarperCollins Canada on October 30, 2012. If you have read the book, I encourage you to post a review at any or all of the online sites that include Indigo, Amazon, and Goodreads. Without Honour was long-listed for the Taylor Prize for literary non-fiction. Documents, photos and all of my coverage of the trial is available here.

A podcast launched in 2016 is a companion to this site. You can subscribe through Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes). Please leave a rating and review, if possible. They’re a big help in driving the podcast’s visibility. Each episode is accompanied by a detailed story and, in some cases, exclusive documentary material.

If you have a tip, story idea, question, comment or just want to share, feel free to email me (rob@cancrime.com).

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