Killer Paul Bernardo’s claim he “cured” himself rejected in parole denial

Imprisoned murderer Paul Bernardo claims that he has “cured” himself of the aberrant thinking that drove him to rape and murder young women and girls, and that’s why he should be set free. Bernardo also claimed, in an October 17 parole hearing that, although he may have once been considered a psychopath, sexual sadist and narcissist, now, he’s a “nice and compassionate guy.” The outlandish claims are documented in the written record of the hearing (read the full doc after the jump). The Parole Board rejected Bernardo’s assertions and denied him any form of release.

The written record of the hearing notes that Bernardo “recognized the horror” of his crimes – dozens of rapes and at least two murders – but,  he claimed that he perpetrated the heinous acts because of an “anxiety disorder about feeling inadequate since childhood and a lack of self-esteem.”

The Parole Board concluded that Bernardo “used that self-diagnosis as a mantra to dissociate yourself from your actions.”

He has been assessed as “meeting the diagnostic criteria for sexual sadism, voyeurism, and paraphilia not otherwise specified.” He’s also got narcissistic personality disorder and meets the threshold for classification as a psychopath.

The document notes that Bernardo “show(s) little remorse for your sexual offending behaviour and deny personal problems related to offending to an extend that you may not be amenable to treatment. You objected to the psychologist’s interpretation of test results and suggested that you have ‘cured’ yourself.”

The board concluded that Bernardo “showed minimal insight into your offending, which is consistent with file information that suggests you have been keen over the years to come up with your own unsubstantiated reasons for your criminal behaviour. You showed a tendency at the hearing to avoid speaking about sexual self-gratification and the sadistic and violent nature of your behaviour. There was also an element of minimization in your explanations. You told the board that you had no intention of hurting the women you sexually assaulted.”

Bernardo is serving two concurrent life-25 sentences for the murders of Ontario teenagers Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French. He was convicted in 1995. He also was declared a dangerous offender, meaning he can be kept locked up forever, if he continues to be considered a danger to society.

Bernardo has long insisted that his accomplice/victim, his wife Karla Homolka, was the true killer. She cut a deal with prosecutors that was later condemned, in which she agreed to testify against her husband in exchange for a 12-year prison sentence for her role in the deaths of Kristen and Leslie and her role in the death of her sister Tammy, who she drugged and offered to her husband as a sex toy. Tammy died while being raped by Bernardo and Homolka after choking on her own vomit. Homolka is now free and is not subject to any supervision. Her sentence expired in 2005.

The written record of Bernardo’s parole hearing notes that he now accepts blame for Tammy Homolka’s death.

The complete written record of Bernardo’s parole hearing held October 17, 2018




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