Day: August 6, 2018

Violent bank robber, murder suspect Micky McArthur gets freedom

The last time Micky McArthur was free from prison, he armed himself with a high-powered rifle, robbed a bank in a small central Ontario town and tried to kill three police officers blocking his getaway. He shot two others. Now, 24 years after the bloody bank heist, the career criminal has convinced authorities to give him unsupervised release from prison. He is serving four life sentences, among 200 convictions. His freedom comes despite longstanding objections of police, who believe McArthur also got away with murder. It is well known publicly that investigators believe McArthur kidnapped and murdered a man, 24-year-old Tom Gencarelli, in Kingston, Ontario, in 1982. Cancrime learned that McArthur is a suspect in a second unsolved homicide, a 35-year-old case long shrouded in mystery and tied to the federal prison system.

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