Day: March 21, 2018

Psychopathic sex predator outwits clumsy efforts to control him

A psychopathic sex predator is outwitting the criminal justice system and its clumsy efforts to control him. Don Gazley, who has changed his name to Greyson, has a 30-year history of preying on children and vulnerable adults. He’s free from prison, living in Vancouver on supervised release but parole and Corrections authorities have concluded, now that he’s been free for 26 months, that he has “little interest in complying” with rules. Gazley “poses a substantial risk to society” if he continues to live in the city, authorities conclude. It’s feared Gazley is scheming to find new victims. Recently, he was caught with a duffel bag of items – an apparent “rape kit” and tools to groom child victims. And yet, prosecutors refuse to take action – despite three recommendations from the parole board that Gazley should be charged criminally – action that should permit authorities to put him in prison again.

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