Killer Mailloux, who shot teen girl on previous parole, sent back to prison

A paroled murderer who killed a 16-year-old girl while he was free on parole three decades ago has been sent back to prison after his latest parole was revoked. Patrice Mailloux was released from penitentiary in 2016 to complete his life sentence under community supervision in the Montreal area. He was permitted to leave prison and live at a halfway house but was caught gambling, racking up debts and lying to supervisors – part of a pattern of chronic failure on community release. In a recent decision, the parole board concluded that supervision in the community was impossible because of Mailloux’s erratic behaviour. (UPDATE MARCH 7: The parole board restored Mailloux’s freedom. Read the new decision in the Parole Records Library.)

Laura Ann Davis (left), who was 16 in 1987, when she was shot to death by Patrice Mailloux as he robbed her family’s New Brunswick corner store

Mailloux shot 16-year-old Laura Ann Davis in the head, killing the girl, during a robbery of a corner store in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1987. The girl was about to close her family’s shop for the night when Mailloux, a paroled thief who already had a 16-year criminal record, and who was intoxicated and high on drugs, came in. It’s unclear why Mailloux shot the girl, since he has refused to take responsibility and has claimed that the gun went off accidentally when he tripped. During grillings by the parole board, he admitted that he test-fired his gun outside the store before the robbery. The parole board has noted that when Mailloux’s been questioned about the murder, he has typically shown little emotion. In recent years, he has apparently taken some responsibility for his actions.

Mailloux pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years.

In prison, Mailloux has been involved in drug dealing, plotted escape, engaged in brawls with fellow prisoners and threatened and assaulted staff. 

In 1993, Mailloux and two fellow inmates at Edmonton Institution attempted to escape the maximum-security pen by attacking a food delivery driver. The convicts held a screwdriver to the driver’s throat, injuring him, but the escape failed. Mailloux pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon, unlawful confinement and attempted prison breach. He had a 20-year, concurrent term added to his sentence. After the failed breakout, Mailloux spent several years in a super-maximum security penitentiary.

In 2006, while free from prison on passes, Mailloux was caught selling illegal cigarettes and lying to his supervisors. His release was suspended.

Mailloux has been diagnosed as having an anti-social personality. He continues to receive opportunities to leave prison, despite repeated failures on conditional release and, despite the opinion of professionals, quoted in a 2016 parole document saying that “there is a high long-term risk of violent recidivism.”

The written record of the recent decision of the Parole Board of Canada, revoking Mailloux’s release:

» Click here to read original French Parole Board decision document

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