Cop killing mass murderer loses pass privileges, blames victims

The parole board has revoked passes that permitted a cop killing mass murderer to leave prison. The decision came after a prison outburst in which Steven Lee LeClair revealed that he has little empathy for his victims and blames them for his problems (read document, after the jump, that details the outburst), despite his repeated claims that he’s remorseful.  Authorities fear LeClair has fallen into an old pattern that puts him at an elevated risk for “extreme violence.” In the recent incident, the imprisoned killer also was “belligerent,” “rude,” and “disrespectful” toward corrections staff. LeClair, now 70, was thrown out of a Vancouver bar on September 19, 1980. He returned with a handgun and shot three people to death, comandeered a car and drove to an RCMP detachment where he shot two officers, injuring one and killing constable Tom Agar. (UPDATE: LeClair lost an appeal against the parole decision. Read the written record of his appeal in the Parole Records Library.)

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