Psychopathic sex predator back behind bars

Don GazleyPsychopath and sex predator Don Gazley – who is profiled in Episode 4 of the podcast – is back behind bars, weeks after he was released from a federal institution in British Columbia, Cancrime learned. “Don Gazley is currently in custody at a federal institution,” Jean-Paul Lorieau, a B.C.-based spokesman for Correctional Service of Canada told me today (March 10). Lorieau won’t say why Gazley’s release was revoked. Gazley was deemed a high risk to commit new sex crimes against children so he was kept locked up until he had served every day of his last sentence, an eight-year term for sex crimes committed in Ontario.

Gazley was freed from prison in early January, after his eight-year sentence expired, but he’s subject to a long-term supervision order for 10 years. It’s a legal leash reserved for dangerous and violent criminals that permits authorities to impose conditions and keep tabs on the offender. Gazley was ordered to stay at a halfway house or other residential facility for 180 days and was ordered to have no contact with children unless he was accompanied by an adult who knows his criminal history and who is approved by his parole supervisor. Five other special conditions were imposed.

The parole documents outlining his conditions note that a parole officer or duty officer “will be able to issue a warrant and temporarily return the offender to prison, if the officer believes that the risk to the public has become unmanageable.”

A Corrections Canada parole officer can refer Gazley to the parole board for a hearing, if he feels there’s been a serious breach of his conditions, or he can choose to cancel the suspension and turn him loose again. If Gazley is referred to the parole board, it will hold a hearing and can recommend to a Crown prosecutor that a charge be laid. A conviction for violating parole conditions carries a maximum sentence of two years in penitentiary. The parole board also could choose to cancel the suspension and release Gazley.

If Gazley was returned to custody after a conviction, the clock on his 10-year supervision order would stop counting down.


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