71-year-old child molester, Canada’s worst, a “significant risk”

Gary WalkerChild molester Gary Walker (inset) has languished behind bars for nearly one third his 71 years, tormented by his desire for sex with young boys. The septuagenarian has never had a sexual relationship with an adult. He has confounded keepers. Despite undergoing a battery of treatment programs to root out his sexual deviance, experts say he grapples still with “intrusive sexual thoughts” and remains a “significant risk” to molest more young boys if he is released.

I have written previously, at length, about his crimes and the swath of destruction wrought by the former police officer, Scout leader, hockey coach, Judo club official and school bus driver who may be Canada’s most prolific child molester. It is believed that he victimized 2,000 children during a 30-year span. He preferred 12- and 13-year-old boys. At least three victims committed suicide. Walker’s case has fallen from public view, largely because he is no longer a threat. Declared a dangerous offender, he has spent the past 23 years confined in penitentiaries in Ontario. By law, his case must be reviewed every two years. Walker’s latest review was conducted on June 26, 2015. The parole board ruled that he must remain behind bars.

He remains notable for what he has demonstrated, a remarkable immunity to treatment and deviant resilience despite advanced age. Prison authorities have given up on treatment, noting that Walker has now completed all recommended programs. His “deviant sexual preference” for children is intact and a psychologial risk assessment completed in December 2014 concluded he is a “high-moderate to high risk for sexual recidivism.”

Though Walker may never get out of prison – and, statistically speaking, most dangerous offenders die behind bars – he is a reminder of how little is understood about the most intractable and persistent child sex predators. Despite decades of assessment and treatment, Walker is no less a threat to society than he was when he was first imprisoned in 1992. Strides have been made in treating sex offenders, even pedophiles, with some success in reducing the likelihood they will commit new crimes. But Gary Walker appears to be, simply, incurable.

Here is the written record of the parole decision June 26, 2015, denying Walker any form of release:



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  1. Since their is no cure, they should remain behind bars..

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