“Vile” serial rapist blames victims for his imprisonment

Selva SubbiahAfter more than two decades behind bars, serial rapist Selva Subbiah (inset), a predator who assaulted hundreds of women, still blames his victims for his predicament. The “disturbing” revelation appears in the latest decision on his case by the Parole Board of Canada. The board ruled, in a decision in July this year, that Subbiah is too dangerous to be released from prison before he completes every day of his 24-year prison sentence. The board ordered Subbiah detained in prison until his sentence expires in January 2017, when he’ll immediately be deported to his home country of Malaysia. This marks the sixth consecutive year that the board has taken the unusual step of keeping him locked up, rather than granting conditional release, a form of early freedom that is given to most imprisoned criminals.Subbiah completed a sex offender maintenance program in June this year. It is a booster or refresher course for sex offenders who already have been through treatment programs. According to the written record of the latest parole decision, Subbiah continues to blame his victims:

The program report contains disturbing information where you continue to believe that many of the [women] who charged you had lied in order to receive attention or monetary advantage from book deals. You have refused to meet with your institutional parole officer, but have recently stated that you wish to do so.

The decision notes that Subbiah has shown “minimal gains” after completing a number of violence and sex offender treatment programs. His criminal history demonstrates “a pattern of violent sexual behaviour as established by your lengthy convictions and numerous victims.” He’s considered a high risk to commit new violent crimes including sex offences.

Subbiah was first convicted in Toronto in 1992. Police believe he began preying on women as soon as he arrived in Canada from Malaysia in 1980. He amassed a 24-year prison sentence for 75 crimes against 30 women and girls in Ontario, including 26 sexual assaults on victims as young as fourteen. Four of his victims were in relationships with him. Police investigators believe Subbiah victimized at least 500 women and perhaps as many as 1,000. One judge who sentenced him said his crimes were “so disgusting and so vile that no punishment ascribed by this court would do justice to you.” Subbiah’s catalogue of crimes includes 2002 convictions for trying to manipulate women from behind bars. At the time, he was confined at maximum-security Kingston Penitentiary.

Last year, Subbiah failed in a bizarre legal claim that Corrections Canada and the the Parole Board had breached his privacy by releasing the written record of a parole decision in 2008. The record was published on Cancrime and Subbiah claimed that disclosure allowed convicts at Kingston Penitentiary, where he had been imprisoned by then for more than a decade, to discover his monstrous record as a sexual predator. Subbiah was stabbed at Kingston Pen in 2009.

In May 2013, Subbiah was transferred to medium-security Warkworth Institution, near Campbellford, Ontario, where he remains behind bars.

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Here is the complete written record of the Parole Board decision in July 2014 to detain Subbiah until he has served all of his 24-year prison sentence:


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