Alberta man who shot father of 4 “execution style” freed

Eifion Wyn (Wayne) Roberts (inset), an Alberta farmer who shot to death an oil patch worker, a father of four, has been granted full parole, after 15 years behind bars. The decision to release Roberts was made yesterday by the Parole Board of Canada. Roberts shot Patrick Kent on October 3, 1998, on Roberts’ farm near Bowden, 100 kilometres north of Calgary in a killing described in court as “execution style.” Witnesses to the shooting said that Roberts was holding a handgun and shouting at Kent during a confrontation. He fired several shots and Kent fell to the ground. According to the witnesses, Roberts stepped closer to the fallen man and fired several more shots into his body. An autopsy showed that one bullet traveled through Kent’s right wrist, then entered and exited through his abdomen; one entered his left temple; and three entered the back of his head. The three in the back of the head were lethal injuries. With prompt medical attention, Kent might have survived the first two.

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