Canada’s worst serial rapist graduates to lower security

A relentless serial rapist who police believe sexually assaulted hundreds of women has been transferred to a lower security prison. Selva Subbiah (inset) has been moved from maximum-security Kingston Penitentiary to medium-security Warkworth Institution, near Campbellford, Ontario, sources tell me. Corrections Canada routinely cites privacy rules in refusing to discuss decisions about where criminals are imprisoned. Subbiah was convicted of beating, drugging and raping more than 30 women, although police investigators believe he attacked at least 500 women, and perhaps as many as 1,000. Police fear many women never knew for certain that they were victims because Subbiah used powerful drugs to render his victims unconscious before he molested and raped them.

It’s unclear how Subbiah managed to secure a spot in a more comfortable and less secure penitentiary since he earned a reputation behind bars as an arrogant manipulator, according to my sources. Subbiah is serving a 24-year sentence after he was convicted of 75 crimes, including 26 sexual assaults committed in the Toronto area. In prison, he attempted to continue to prey on women. In 2002, staff at Kingston Pen learned that Subbiah was trying to manipulate women by telephone so that he could get nude photos or phone sex. His wife was helping him.

Subbiah was due for automatic release in January 2009, but the National Parole Board ordered him kept behind bars because he was considered too dangerous to release. According to a written record of the decision, he was considered “a high risk for sexual and violent recidivism.” Subbiah’s sentence expires in January 2017. He’ll be deported to Malaysia as soon as he is released from a Canadian prison.

I’ve written previously about Subbiah, including this post about the decision in 2009 to keep him locked up, and this post, about an incident in May 2009 in which he was stabbed.

Here’s the decision by the Parole Board in 2008, denying release to Subbiah:

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