Dirty Tricks bank robbing gang leader gets full parole

This post features video(One of several interviews I conducted with paroled bank robber Richard Atkinson for the following story was done by Skype and recorded – watch the interview after the jump. Atkinson talks about the exploits he is documenting in an autobiography he is completing.)

Five-year-old Ricky Atkinson was excited when he found the shiny .38-calibre revolver hidden in his father’s bedroom. Sonny Atkinson managed a bar in a rough-and-tumble downtown Toronto neighbourhood and he often brought the nightly earnings home. The boy took the loaded gun and his four-year-old brother out into the back yard. “I got my younger brother Dwane to stand against the wall with an apple on his head,” recalls Atkinson, now 56. “The whole William Tell thing and I attempted to shoot the apple.”

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