Exclusive photos of Jordan Morrison, killed in Dominican

Jordan MorrisonCancrime has obtained exclusive photos (after the jump) of the 19-year-old Barrie, Ontario man who was killed during an apparent bar fight last week in the Dominican Republic. Jordan Morrison(inset) died Friday after a brawl in a nightclub near Punta Cana. Five men, four Canadians and an Algerian who lives in Canada, were arrested and are being investigated by Dominican authorities.

In its story today, the Toronto Star says a witness has told police that only two of the five men were involved in the fatal confrontation. Dominican authorities are still holding all five in custody. Morrison’s uncle Randy Morrison told the Barrie Examiner that “Jordan … was kind, considerate, good with kids, compassionate, and never went looking for trouble. This was certainly unprovoked on his behalf.”

The snapshots below were taken by a family from Kingston, Ontario, that was vacationing in the Dominican Republic and show Morrison partying aboard a catamaran cruise last week. Morrison and his family were staying at the Grand Paradise Bavaro resort, near Punta Cana.

Jordan Morrison
Jordan Morrison, 19, of Barrie, Ontario, (in black and white trunks) aboard a catamaran cruise in the Dominican Republic
Jordan Morrison
Jordan Morrison, 19, aboard a catamaran cruise in the Dominican Republic
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44 thoughts on “Exclusive photos of Jordan Morrison, killed in Dominican

  1. Wow
    Just sitting here, I have tears in my eyes! reading all these comments. It is NOT about Tatoos, appearnces, it is about 5 men who thought that they were self ritcious enough to take another life! I have not seen pictures of these men, nore do I need to and yet I will pass judgment by their action. I hope that justice prevails, and they get their just deserves!
    Could you imagine this happening to you or your family, maybe then to some of your comments the books would beturned????
    I was not there that terrible night, but do know first hand what happened, and the tought that this was not meant to happen ( by the hands of these men) is crazy. They followed him out, they made the decision.
    Where were the security of this disco club, they definately need to be judged in this, what about authority in the resort, they need to be held accountable aswell for allowing these trouble makers (murderer’s) to continue causing trouble in other incodents during this vacation. I personally would like to be assured when vacationing with my family that we are in a safe enviroment!
    How did one of these men even get on a plane out of Canada with assult charges pending already from a totally different incident???
    A younge mans life, future was taken for what reason???? think about this !!!
    These men even after realizing what they had done still showed no remorse!!

    Dale I pray for you, I pray for Carrie For Stregth, For Peace, For Justice!!! stay Strong xoxox

    I also with a hesetent heart pray for the family’s of those men, because if justice takes it’s course correcty, you will feel the sorrow that the parents of Jordan Morrison and his family, Brothers cuosins, friends, feel, A Terrible LOSS!!


  2. I realize I’m posting to an old site but I knew Jordan. He was murdered. How can you possibly blame him for that?

  3. I’m not from Canada but I can see that Jordan was enjoying his holiday and did not look like he wanted a fight or any kind of violence to take Place,so how dare people say he did,you need to imagine how you would feel if it was your loved one who was murdered and keep your damm opinions to your self. Think before you start running your mouth. R.I.P JORDAN.xxmwahxx

  4. I may not know the people who did it so i cannot judge them youre right.
    but i do know what they did to my best friend. so what if he had tattoos of guns?
    tattoos are a form of self expression. for your information he desperately wanted to be in the military?
    so having tattoos of guns means that he deserved to be killed for sticking up for someone who was unable to stick up for themselves.
    Jordan was an honest guy, he was completely selfless.
    He would put someone else before himself any day,
    and thats what got us where we are today.
    How pathetic must your life be to be cutting some up that isnt here to defend themselves.
    Jordan was a truly amazing guy,
    i loved him to death,
    and each and every person who came in contact with him loves and misses him dearly.

    rip babe i miss you like crazy! <3
    we're fighting for you xo

  5. What is always lost is the main point. Tattoos don’t matter, that’s just body art. A harassing group attacked someone who just had the strength and ability to stand up for someone who was not able to and was punished for it by being hunted down and beaten.
    Don’t try to excuse what the weak who have to hang in a group to feel strong to do harm.
    Don’t simply skip past the facts and allow them to disappear under some excuse.
    If that was my daughter being threatened in any way, I would hope there would be someone to come to her defense and I would hope that a group of cowards would be held accountable for the actions they took.

    I would also hope that the many who judge simply by appearance are not themselves judged the same way and if they are? Maybe they can look closer at that situation.

  6. Hey Joan. Your dumb. What gives you the right to say that. Just cause he has tattoos. You have no clue the type of man Jordan was. You have made me angry. I have known the family for years and they are great people. You should keep your opinion to yourself. You have no idea. What if that was your brother or son. Wow i cant believe someone like you can say that.

  7. i miss jordan.

  8. Oh please people, clearly Jordan was a wanna be gangsta badass who got what he was looking for. If you live by the sword you will surely die by the sword.

  9. Yall are trippin….r.i.p Jordan…come on people the man had 2 GUNS NOT 1…2 on his waist….unless he was some wanabe gangsta the man went out as a G….END OF STORY

  10. ur protecting jordan about what lori’s saying fabout his tattoos but ur treating the guys who did that as “thugs” or “monster” ? its stupid because im sure that no one of u know the guys so u cannot talk about respect if ur disrespectin also.. he was defending himself like jordan did.. the punch that he receive killed him but i dont think that its what the guy wanted.. as u said its an accident! anyways jordan was telling to the guy “im fucking mad im gonna kill this french guy” and then punched him.. now ur judging the guy because he didnt acted like a “pussy” and punch him back.. yes its a really sad story and i fell sorry for the familly but u still cannot says that jordan was 100% innocent in all of that.. i dont think this guy deserve to go to jail.. it could happend to anyone if someone come and punch u ur not gonna stay and watch him beating u .ur gonna punch him back.. i know that for people who know jordan its hard to think this way.. i dont know no one who was involved in this.. but its sad ..because of an incident the other guy should waste 30 years from his life

  11. LORI

  12. I am a mother of a child that was the same age as Jordan who also grew to love her friend more and more as the years passed since Elementary School. Jordan was a kind soul that touched so many peoples lives here in Canada and clearly now in The Dominican at the young age of 19. Jordan’s tragic death has impacted so many peoples from all ages … His life was taken because he helped a woman who had been spit upon … That was a noble and heroic act !! He was only 19 being a man … That ultimately took his life? Where were the actual adult men, where was security to help this woman ? It is always so easy for people to sit and judge … But if the people that are doing this actually knew Jordan for even 5 minutes … You certainly would not be worried about tattoos !! So if he had a peircing or his skin was another colour does that mean he was not a decent person … I applaud the people who took the time to defend Jordans honour … And I advise the others who are simply worried about tattoos to find out the details before commenting! The majority of teenagers have tattoos these days including females … Jordan had several tattoos, which maybe did not make sense to you, but to Jordan they did !! He also had angel wings on his upper shoulder blades and a cross … So you people sit here and judge because of one in particular … ?? Seriously … All of it sickens me !! There is one judge in this lifetime that we all have to answer to .. So why don’t you sit back stop judging and let God do his job and until that day let the Judicial System do there job !! Get your facts straight, put yourself in the shoes of this family, who has lost their son, brother, grandchild, nephew, while trying to enjoy a family vacation. What should have been an experience of a lifetime with his loved ones ultimately cost him his life .. Why .. Because he tried to help someone .. A woman .. And to me he showed the courage and the morals of a real man and died a hero !! These other Canadians showed no respect or regard towards these women there … Which clearly proves there morals were far from upstanding !! You feel you need to judge … Judge that !!! Jordan was a brave, respectful, kind and loving soul whose life was taken in the most cowardly, and tragic way and now that he is gone … The ones who loved him and cherished him have to live their lifes with a void in their heart that will never be filled because he was taken like a thief in the night and robbed us all of the honour and the priviledge of knowing him for the wonderful person he was… You have no idea how many people are struggling, trying to cope, trying to find a way to carry on life without him for example my daughter who has been impacted so deeply by the loss of Jordan … A piece of her heart is gone … Still needing some kind of everlasting connection with him had the exact tattoo he has of the angel wings .. She had done on her back .. And trust when I say she is only one example !! So does that mean if she goes on a vacation she deserves to be beaten if she has a few drinks and/or because she has a
    tattoo … SHAME ON YOU FOR WRITING SUCH AN IGNORANT COMMENT BASED ON TATTOOS !! This should have never have happened … Everyones lives are now forever changed without Jordan !!

  13. I was at the resort and met Jorden he was a very polite young man with total respect for my wive and 2 teenage daughters. The white trash that Killed him were nothing but trouble from the day they got there. 2 nights before one of these P.O.S punched a girl in the mouth. I hope the canadian goverment DOES NOT let them serve there time in a posh canadian jail. Let the rot in a Dominican Jail. I seen personaly what kind of aholes all 5 of these people are and as a canadian i and i bet the majority of Canadians dont want them here. They commited the crime there KEEP THEM THERE. If not for the canadian people do it for Jorden.

  14. randy, i know that was my point above. i may…but i have to get them developed cus i brought disposables camaras instead. im bringing them tomorrow, if i have some i will let u know for sure. again, so sorry for ur loss. we saw randy and ur entire family around the resort and we really feel for u all.

  15. To call these thugs “shits” is an insult to shit. Jordan was a brave and upstanding young man, whom any parent would be proud of. I hope there is justice to this terrible, desperately sad act that results in the death penalty to all of them. The world would be a better place without them on it. Too bad that won’t happen with Canada’s much too lenient justice system. My heart goes out to Jordan’s family.

  16. Does anybody have pictures of these cowards Jordan’s pictures are everywhere but i noticed no photos of the scum who did this usually there is always pictures of the accused but for some strange reason they have protection for their privacy.

  17. wow. i cannot believe the nerve of some people. a young courageous, helpful, and amazing man, is now dead & you choose to talk about tattoo’s & never backing down. he defended a woman & you crticize him? i cannot believe the nerve of some people. i met jordan, he was an amazing person. Justice will prevail. can anyone tell me where i can send flowers too? i would greatly appreciate it
    Rest In Paradise Jordan.

  18. Indirectly, Mr. Morrison was murdered by Canada’s insane immigration and
    multi cultural policies.

    That is, he would never have encountered these sociopaths if the conditions
    outlined below had not been made possible by our famous politicians, Ottawa
    bag men, ideologue bureaucrats; and of course the politically correct shadow
    government which bedevils the nation.

    If their excesses had not brought these 5 monsters to Canada — particularly
    Quebec’s sacred cow policy of recruiting anyone as an immigrant who speaks
    French, with no background check, not forgetting the massive amounts of
    money immigration lawyers, consultants and other similar lobbyist pimps use
    to fuel MP’s election campaigns – while threatening ordinary Canadians with
    Hate Crimes prosecution if they agitate too vociferously against Canada
    being overrun with colonists, foreign opportunists thugs and Jihadists.

    Any honest demographer, not a CUPE worker, will attest to these 5 gangster’s
    names being of Islamic/ Levantine origin

    The last similar incident, in 2001 also involved Algerians, resident in
    Montreal, and collecting welfare, who on orders from Osama Bin Laden, sought
    to murder far more people by suicide bombing LAX – Los Angeles International
    Airport. They were caught at Port Angeles WA, by an alert Customs Agent —
    not brain washed by the politically correct multi-cultural dogma which has
    seized Canada’s 6 tiered government monstrosity.

    They have also given rise to the myth, quite prevalent and damaging to
    Canada’s reputation throughout the U.S., that the 9/11
    World Trade Centre assassins, all entered the U.S. from Canada

    We noticed that Mr. Morrison had a large stylized cross tatooed on his upper
    arm. It also seems quite likely that he might have been wearing a short
    sleeve shirt on the evening of his murder in the tropical resort at Punta
    Cana. Too bad for him if so,it could well have sent the ‘alleged’ five into
    a holy rage. We would like this theory conveyed to the Attorney General of
    the Dominican Republic, and agressively put to the accused when they face

    John Connolly

  19. How tragic…… a young courageous man dies at the hands of these morons. Doing what many of us would be too concerned about our own safety to do. Helping someone in need. If society would learn a lesson from this young man and stop the senseless violence when we see it, these complete idiots would not think they would get away with this behavior. How many times have we all seen young people, causing problems and done nothing. Standing by thinking I don’t want to get involved. Partially because if you do get involved you will probably be the only one, no one will step in to help you if this should ever happen to you for your good deed. Jordan didn’t care. He didn’t think about his own safety, his actions should be applauded and if more people along the way stepped in on these other morons they may have learned how not to behave in public.

    There was a time in history when respect for others was paramount. If you misbehaved in public no one would stand for it. Everyone would stand up, be counted. The lack of respect displayed by the 5 losers would have been objected to by all. Jordan would have not been standing alone as the only one with the balls to say what I am sure everyone was thinking.

    Shame on everyone who allows a young lady to be accosted and or assaulted and let Jordan take care of it alone. Shame on anyone who can look at a photo and think wow he’s tattooed must have been looking for trouble.


    I am saddened and astonished in 2011 many are stuck in the 1950’s prejudices without any of the social graces and responsibilities.

  20. I cannot believe the nerve of some people on here. For someone who has no idea of the real events that happened some people are extremely rude. Like many people in the world I have tattoos…they may not be of guns but they are of other things-does this make me a bad person? I saw Jordan his last night…dancing up on stage and then at the disco. The girls I met there had met him earlier in the week and told me all about how awesome he was. I did meet him momentarily that horrible night at the disco before the incident. What people are saying about him is true. He was a very nice guy and the fact that he died standing up for a girl makes him a hero. Tattoos or not, he did what any real man would have done.

    Now concerning these little shits that took another human’s life into their hands…I hope that the Canadian government leaves them in the Dominican and does not extradite them. I did not have any run-ins with them at the resort but I did notice them. As a young, single woman vacationing with another single friend we could not help but notice groups of guys at the resort. I remember seeing these guys on numerous occasions and the impression I got from their behaviour made me automatically assume it was them before it was confirmed. They walked into the main reception like they owned the place. Pants around their knees, with their hats sideways, bandannas proudly displayed for all to see. There was a rumor (and I’m saying right now that I did hear it as a rumor) that they were a part of some gang back in Montreal. I remember seeing them on the beach one day…walking through people’s pictures, or groups standing on the shore talking-they didn’t have a care in the world. That horrible night my friend and I were on the dance floor at the disco and at one point she got my attention because to our right hand side a young girl shoved one of the four boys away from her. From what we could see he was trying to kiss her and she wanted nothing of it. What kind of person doesn’t know how to take a hint?

    When I read about their lawyer claiming that Jordan just fell and that was the cause of his death it makes me sick. Who is this man kidding? From all the witness reports and what Jordan’s autopsy will show there is no way that he just fell. Just because these men are scared now and worried about spending the next 30 years in prison with no extra clothes, food, or special treatment (because that’s how the jail system works in the Dominican. Unless you have family to bring you extra clothes, food, etc you get bare minimum-if that.) does not mean that they can try to downplay their role in Jordan’s murder. What they did was wrong and really what kind of person doesn’t stop beating on another human when they are down? I have seen numerous bar fights (some with drinking involved others completely sober) and I can say that no one ever let it get as far as beating someone to death. Those guys deserve life in prison. Let them rot in there. When they chose to take Jordan’s future, his life and play God they sealed their own fate. I would petition the government on behalf of Jordan’s family to leave those guys there. Wash your hands of them Canada…we as a country lost a young man willing to serve his country, a man willing to stand up for a young girl when the odds were against him and if we choose to stand behind the murderers then what does that say about us?

    My condolences to Jordan’s family. I cannot imagine your pain right now. Although I’m sure this is no consolation but your son/grandson/nephew died a hero. The way he stood up for that poor girl was quite possibly the most honorable thing I have ever heard of. You raised a young man who had the characteristics lots of young men lack. Just know he is always with you, watching over you and that while his death is devastating and shocking he will always be remembered as a polite, brave, handsome, fun, caring hero and nothing anyone says on here will ever change that.

  21. I was also at the resort when Jordan was killed. My husband had played water polo with him earlier in the day. My husband and I were so upset when we heard what happened and our condolences go out to Jordan’s entire family. We talked about it almost everyday as being parents ourselves we could not imagine what Jordan’s parents must be going through and wished there was something we could have done. People at the resort who had befriended Jordan had nothing but good things to say about him, he was an outgoing friendly person who was on vacation like all of us and just wanted to have a good time. He died a hero.

  22. Hi Den i did send you a email on your hotmail account that you can reply to i do not have a facebook account.

  23. I don’t know if it’s the same people that killed him. I do know of an incident that happenned on my last night there that involved Jordan and these young guys from Montreal. Is there a police number or an investigation number that I can call? If i knew your facebook name and picture I can send you a message that way and explaine what happen on my last night at the grand paradiso bavaro.

    Also you should be aware the week before there was a brawl at the resort and when I was there 1 person was arrested and another fight broke out.
    The disco seems to be a rough place at night with constant incidents occuring and yet management chooses not to bring on more security.

  24. Exactly Tamara! Please show the family some respect people! Lets not judge people by their cover…all the characteristics I mentioned above should not be what u look at in order to pass judgement!!! If that were the case I would not have allowed my 12 yr old to have played Foosball with the killers 2 nites before at the sports bar. I had to explain to him on Thursday that those boys who reached out to him and played with him and got him involved could very well have been good boys but in this situation they were NOT and they did WRONG and they must now pay the price for taking someones life…regardless of what happen…they were out of control and inhuman!

  25. Just because a person has tattoo’s certainly does not mean they r gangster or bad grow the hell up… omg have some respect wow

  26. i was there vacationing at the resort and i saw jordan (and his family around). jordan never demonstrated any aggressive behaviour nor did i see him being loud or obnoxious due to alcohol if and when it was consumed. please people don’t judge humans cus of tattoos…thats very narrow minded. i saw jordan enjoying his his ‘last nite’ dancing on stage at the theatre and just hours later we heard the noise outside our room….him being beaten to death for NO reason…reason or not no one deserves their life to be taken from them. the boys that did this had already been causing trouble at the resort and they clearly had bad intentions. that day and prior. i hope they post pictures of those boys with their tattoos and their pants below their butts and their hats turned to the side and gold chains…so everyone can think poorly of them!!!!
    my heart goes out to jordans family…we all couldn’t believe what had happened and couldn’t get him off our minds for the reminder of the week. please accept our deepest sympathy and don’t listen to this garbage!!!

  27. Dear Den, We are very interested to know what you have to say. We want the truth to come and justice for Jordan and the accused. I wish there was a way we could contact each other without publicly giving out our contact information. When you saw Jordan being attacked, was this the same attack that killed him or another incident? Are there other witnesses that saw the same?

  28. Thank you all who came to Jordan’s defense it is both hurtful and frustrating trying to set some people straight with the truth but i see many are fixated on wrong opinions formed by narrow judgmental way of thinking.

    Jordan’s Uncle

  29. Hi, I was in punta cana and met jordan we nick named him “vamp”. I actually seen him being attacked by a young guy which i think was from montreal.
    I was not there when he died, my flight left before hand. This montreal person had friends there with him. I don’t know if the family wants to hear this story or not.
    Its true i have the bracelet and flight ticket to prove i was there and I have other witnesses that i met and kept in contact that seen what happen.

    Does the family want to know what i seen that night?

  30. Lori,

    I am going to chose to believe you are not serious.

    Is your ignorance limited to tattoos or does it apply to all facets of life? Are you suggesting that because someone has a tattoo of a gun, they own a gun and/or advocate violence? Who cares what the crown means, what does it matter? You have been watching to many gangster movies or live in a very small world.

    I challenge you to post a picture of yourself so we can all decide what kind of a person you are from the clothes you wear, the pose, hairstyle, etc. People like you are dangerous and I only pray that you never get selected for jury duty, because the minute you see the accused you would have determined their guilt or innocence not based on the evidence but your prejudices.

    I suggest you stop demonstrating to the world the extent of your ignorance.

  31. Please re- read what I wrote…

    “He may not have looked for trouble but I bet he never backed down when it found him”!

    Not once did I say he deserved to die, not once did I say he was a bad kid nor did I say anything in regards to him causing this unfortunate incident. I, for one know that people do not tatoo 2 huge hand guns on their stomach and not believe in the culture to which it represents. Please tell me what the crown on his neck represents??

  32. i knew jordan, he kind of had a thing with my sister. he was a great guy, he had respect and courage. he was one of the kindest people i have ever met. he always did what was right,i cant believe how you(lori and mario) are judging him based on his tattoos, did you not read about how it went down, you disgust me.

  33. It is saddening and disgusting to see how people choose to see what fits with their prejudices and narrow mindedness and not the facts. The facts reported by countless eyewitnesses are that Jordan was doing the right thing, being a real man and protecting a female who was assaulted. These cowards, yes they are cowards they ambushed one single person (Jordan) after he had left the club and was alone. These cowards had punched a separate woman earlier who reported it to Security, other persons staying at the Resort had communicated to security they should do something about them because they had been a problem throughout their stay leading up to the night they murdered Jordan.

    The fact that Jordan has tattoos of any nature is irrelevant to the fact that a human being was unjustifiably murdered while having a vacation that his family that was their dream vacation. A family is left without their son, brother etc. A young life with so much possibility was cut short for doing the right thing and people choose to focus on his tattoos, disgusting. What has this world come to?

    If this was your family member and you had to read these self-righteous people assault his character based on tattoos how you be feel.

    Have some compassion!

  34. Lori,

    You don’t know the boy and no he did not go looking for trouble. Are you judging someone because they have tattoo’s and don’t look like a nerd. My daughter hung with him and he was an extroadinary person. One who always looked out for the girls. If you were ever being bothered by a man, Jordan would have been the one you would have wanted to be there. He would have come to your aid no matter who the woman was. Don’t judge til you know.

  35. Mario, you’re an idiot. What the hell is an ‘autistic angel flower’? So lets see now…it’s the victims fault he was beaten to death. I guess when the young lady was being assaulted, Jordan should have let it happen. Did anybody notice the cross on Jordan’s arm? Why just the guns? Ya, he tried to look like a tough guy in some the pictures, which are apparently taken by professional photographers down there. Did anybody notice the pics where Jordan is just ‘hanging’? He’s not exactly what you call ‘buff’. Ya, I hear it’s common, lots of ‘wannabe gangster’ often vacation with their parents and grandmas. It really adds to that tough image. Mario, assuming you have some testosterone, have you ever had a picture taken of yourself trying to look tough? It’s really weird, because all the witnesses say Jordan was a friendly young man and the 5 accused were known trouble makers, never once did I hear he was beaten to death because he had tattoo’s of guns on his belly? So apparently if you have a tattoo of a gun, or a knife, watch out because some small-minded people think that’s cause for justifiable homicide. It’s like the girl who has black panties on and gets raped…she was just asking for it. Ya.

  36. wow..a young man lost his life at the hands of 5 cowards and you point fingers at him cause he has tattoos..i dont know the boy but i work with his dad ..and my heart goes out to the family..he stepped in to protect a women..he is a hero in my eyes

  37. Wow Mario you must be extremely intelligent to extract all that from those pictures did you not read all the post here Lillianne knew Jordan or is what she said not valid because it does not fit your narrow mind morons like you, Greg & Lori make sick.

  38. Lori is 100 % right, of course jordan didnt deserve to die but it’s bs to portray him as an autistic angel flower in the news after seeing these photos (it’s not judging the book by its cover – no angel flower would tatoo 2 guns – wannabe gangster)

  39. Greg, Are you related to Lori? Have you and Lori, and others like you, not been paying attention to what witnesses have been saying? Jordan was viciously attacked after coming to the aid of a young woman by a gang of thugs. These same thugs assaulted and harassed others at the Resort prior to this sad incident. They were looking for a fight. Not to say no one was drinking; it was a bar. This was not your typical ‘bar brawl’ as the defense lawyer would like to make some think, as a means to downplay what really happened. Also, contrary to what some of the papers have reported, the 5 guilty were not treated for wounds afterwards. According to witnesses this a false statement, that only came out a day or so after the incident. Witnesses say Jordan left the scene to avoid a fight and was followed out. He was sucker-punched, dropped and had the boots put to him till he died. Who injured the 5? Or how did 5 get treatment after the incident when some of them took off and were caught in their rooms in an attempt to deny they were involved? Luckily witness came forward and they were identified. Drugs and alcohol may or may not have been present, but has no bearing on the case. It’s an excuse. This about violence. When was the last time you or anybody you know got hi or drunk and kicked somebody to death? I knew Jordan. Don’t let the tattoo’s fool you. Most kids today have tattoos. Male and female. It’s the new cool thing. He just wanted to fit in like any other teenage. Jordon was gentle and caring. Always ready and willing to help anyone in need.

  40. I think that Lori should walk in someone else’s shoes for once. No matter what NO ONE deserves to be beaten to death no matter what!! There is NO truth to what she is saying. So what if he had guns tattoo on his stomach, what does that have to do with him being dead right now. Lori…..one day if this was to happen to you I would love to see what you have to say! Maybe you will think a little differently??????

  41. Don’t be too hard on Lori there may be a little truth to what she is saying. Although i’m sure it had a lot more to do with drugs and/or alcohol. It’s tragic nonetheless.

  42. It’s people like you Lori who judge books by there cover would you say the same if it where you he was defending?

  43. STFU…you shouldn’t judge people you do not know, would you judge the same if he was a different colour or race, had long hair, or because of the way he dressed? You are a narrow minded individual with no god damn compassion. Until you walk 1 inch in this boy and his families footsteps you have no right to judge! Its people like you that create these horrible, senseless situations. A life has been lost ! Again…stfu!

  44. The guns that are tatooed on his stomach help back up the the Uncle’s comments. ““Jordan … was kind, considerate, good with kids, compassionate, and never went looking for trouble. This was certainly unprovoked on his behalf.” He may not have looked for trouble but I bet he never backed down when it found him!

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