Top court gives violent bank robber chance at another payday

An imprisoned career bandit who has amassed nearly 200 criminal convictions, and who shot three policemen in a bloody bank heist in Ontario in 1994 has won a chance at another payday, courtesy of Canada’s top court. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Mitchell (Micky) McArthur (inset), who is serving a life sentence, is entitled to take his argument that he’s been treated cruelly and inhumanely to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice. McArthur could be in line for a damage award if he can prove that being tossed into solitary confinement for roughly four and a half years was deliberate and malicious or was done negligently. While McArthur has had success in court, he’s not having any luck with the parole board. It turned him down in 2005,  (read his parole records after the jump) the last time he asked to get out of prison.

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