“Very honest” child sex killer Terceira seeks female pen pal

Twenty years ago, the nine-day search for a missing six-year-old Toronto girl, Andrea Atkinson (inset), came to a horrible end. Her decomposing body was found in the boiler room of her east-end apartment building. She had been savagely raped and likely asphyxiated. Her killer, who is behind bars at a medium-security federal prison in Ontario, has been looking for female pen pals, with a come-on that touts his trustworthiness. John Carlos Terceira says he’s “very honest, sometimes a little too honest,” in a posting on a chat forum for inmates, families and supporters. He’s looking for a single white female who’d be interested in a “typical male rocker type” who likes horror movies the best.

Child sex killer John Terceira, in a photo he posted on a chat forum, looking for a female pen pal. The photo appears to have been taken inside Warkworth Institution, the federal prison where’s he’s serving a life sentence for killing six-year-old Andrea Atkinson

Terceira was the beast in a real life horror show two decades ago, when a Toronto neighbourhood was paralysed with fear after Andrea vanished. Dressed in her T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Super Star,” blue tights and a pink jacket, she said goodbye to her mother Ruth Windebank on October 14, 1990 and set off to play around her Toronto apartment complex. Terceira, who worked as a cleaner in the apartment building, took Andrea to a sixth-floor boiler room to which he had keys. He savagely raped her and then asphyxiated her, likely by holding his hands over her mouth. He stuffed her battered body behind a hot water tank.

In the frantic search for the missing child that ensued, no one searched the boiler room, not for nine long days. Many tenants of the apartment building did not know about the room. After Andrea was found on October 23, staff in the building, were interviewed. Terceira volunteered blood and hair samples. he explained that he went home from work sick the day Andrea disappeared because he had more than a dozen beer, liquor and a hit of crack cocaine. The 18 year old was a drug addict, though he had no history as a sex offender. In his first statement to investigators, Terceira said he did not see Andrea on Oct. 14. He did not tell them that he went back to work the morning after she disappeared, then called in sick the rest of that week. After he was arrested, Terceira changed his story. He said he discovered Andrea’s body on October 16 but he did not tell anyone for fear he’d be blamed. He said he’d gone to the boiler room to smoke drugs. He claimed that he left the child’s decaying corpse where he found it. Terceira acknowledged he was a drug addict and a heavy drinker.

Terceira testified in his own defence at his murder trial. “I had nothing to do with her death,” he said, on the stand. A pathologist testified at the trial that Andrea would have suffered severe pain from the sex attack. Dr. Noel McAuliffe said he believed the child was asphyxiated. He also found a fracture on the left side of her skull that had occurred after death.

Terceira has maintained his innocence, despite a mountain of damning evidence. At his trial, the jury was told that Terceira’s hair, fibres from his clothes and his semen were found on Andrea’s clothing. Terceira’s DNA matched DNA found on Andrea’s leotards and in DNA taken from a splotch of blood and semen found at the murder scene. The blood belonged to Andrea. Terceira was one of the few people who had keys to the locked boiler room. The jury rejected the defence theory that Andrea died from asphyxia that resulted from a seizure, spurred by a bump to the head she had suffered six weeks earlier in a playground accident.

Terceira was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced him to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

He lost an appeal against his conviction to Ontario’s top court, and then lost another appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In 2005, a judge rejected Terceira’s bid to get access to Andrea’s leotards so that DNA could be extracted and tested using new procedures. Ontario Superior Court Justice Eugene Ewaschuk  said the request “constitutes a collateral attack on the applicant’s conviction for first-degree murder.”  Terceira’s conviction was one of the first in Canada in which DNA played a key role.

Here’s Terceira’s entire post from the Prison Talk forum:

John Carlos Terceira
P.O. Box 760
Campbellford, Ontario

Date of Birth: April 22, 1972
Hair & Eye Colour: Brown & Brown
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 150 LBS
Race: White (Portugese)
Conviction: First Degree Murder
Release Date: 2015 (Parole)

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Note: Willing to write USA/Overseas

I’m a 36 year old male looking for someone to write. A single, white female would be nice, but I’m mainly looking for a female companion. I understand that it’s not easy to have a relationship with someone in prison especially with someone with my length of sentence.

I’ve been locked up my whole adult life. I’ve got 17 years in now and a lifetime to go. I’m not going to lie, the chances of me getting a parole are slim to none because I have steady fast maintained my innocence since day one and that will never change. If you take the time to get to know me, you will see that I am very honest, sometimes a little too honest and that’s part of the reason why I was accused to begin with. Long story, but hopefully I can bore someone with it later.

My interests, at first look you’ll probably think “typical male” rocker type. And yes, you’re right, I love progress rock, but I’d have to say musically my real passion is for old rock from the 60’s and 70’s. I’m also very into stock car racing, my #1 driver is Earnhardt Jr. #88. I guess you could say I’m a gearhead, if it’s got an engine and goes fast, I like it. I also love the outdoors, camping, fishing, nature. I have a few hobbies too, a little bit of woodwork and replicated cars. Movies, I’ll pretty much watch anything but I like horror the best. Stephen King is my favourite writer.

I look forward to meeting new people and exchanging letters, so please do not hesitate to reach out and write. Hopefully, I’ll hear from you soon, have a GREAT day and take care!

The post above appeared in May 2008 but apparently Terceira isn’t getting any results. A poster put this message on the same forum seven months later, in December 2008:

Please to any Canadian women out there visiting site……be a dear and write to wrongfully convicted prisoner who has been incarcerated now for over 18 years!!

Johnny Terceira
Box 760
Campbellford, ON
K0L 1L0

His ad with a pic is posted on Prison Talk under name John Carlos Terceira

Thank you sincerely

Happy Holidays

Terceira is behind bars at medium-security Warkworth Institution, near Campbellford, Ontario. Terceira is apparently living comfortably and without trouble among the general population. A substantial proportion of the roughly 600 inmates at Warkworth are sex offenders. The population – the largest in Canada – includes other notables such as Clifford Sleigh, who raped and murdered a six-year-old Edmonton girl, Corinne Gustavson, in 1992, in a crime similar to Terceira’s.

Andrea’s mother, Ruth Windebank, committed suicide in 1996.

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26 thoughts on ““Very honest” child sex killer Terceira seeks female pen pal

  1. lets get one SIMPLE IRREFUTABLE FACT out in the open: NOBODY IN TORONTO IN OCTOBER 1990 ACTUALLY SAW WITH THEIR OWN EYES THE CRIME COMMITTED ON ANDREA! yes there were witnesses put under hypnosis who testified to having seen john that day in the building when andrea went missing — for those who don’t know testimony under hypnosis is no longer admissible in canadian courts…… yes there were hair fibres which matched john’s – no surpise if one looks at photos of john in dec. 1990 – regardless hair fibre evidence is no longer admissible in canadian courts … guess what mr adler was kind enough to take time from his busy life to give this shmuck a little run down on what’s what in our legal system and in particular john’s case…now the elimination of these two key evidences which led to john’s conviction are due to mr adler’s presevering work of the last 20 years so no wonder the courts deny new dna tests on those leotards because that’s the last string keeping him in prison and like L is implying they’ll fight tooth and nail before they admit they sent the wrong guy to prison – if it was even a guy who did that shit who knows… for those who don’t believe in his innocence you should consider writing to john you have the address and presumably you have the time to write such ingratiating comments go ahead state your questions to him you may be surprised what you’ll find out …john told me something very interesting in a letter awhile back : every year corrections canada procedure demands that every year all prisoners must submit to new drug testing and new dna testing (presumably for identifying purposes and because drug and dna methods are always being refined and who better as gunea pigs right) anyway as hypocritical as it sounds it is all legal but john raised the notion why not then use his NEWEST DNA SAMPLE MADE FROM THE LATEST DNA TESTING METHOD AGAINST THE LEOTARDS where the dna sample used to convict him was done from a long out dated primitive dna testing method — corrections brought in 3 top notched power lawyers to fight him in court over that one and of course his notion was swiftly declined – this stuff you won’t find in the papers or internet you have to go digging and show interest and foremost YOU HAVE TO CARE AND GIVE A SHIT …i know things of this case you all have no idea not because i’m smarter but because i don’t believe a word that comes out of our news agencies – too much into the sensational – i don’t know how some people can sleep at night – and in my opinion a human life should be more respected than that…. with all this being said I m sure writing to john terceira would be beneath most of you i know…. so suit yourself then at least i can feel free enough to leave my real name on here …..for lady L i would love to chat with you again and catch up I am in mississauga now get on the horn will you lol

  2. Flitch, nightshade– especially nightshade—
    new tests WERE done that Johnny and his family DID pay for– they were made to wait and wait and wait by the crown of course- they were inconclusive and when the money was raised for another, all of a sudden the crown did not have any more sample left—– convenient huh??? the govt cannot afford another wrongfully convicted lawsuit is all—— who knows where the hell u got your info, nightshade but its WRONG. and due to that u are spreading incorrect information– a common problem on these boards. Joe and I are informed of FACT- we have both made it clear where info comes from in the past so read up– hop to it there Flitch!
    “C”…- he’s been in gen pop and not had any problems— he was in Kingston for a decade and had no issues. Many people believe in his innocence and did during the trial as well. U know nothing, obviously.

    I hadn’t checked this site for ages and got a new computer so i was checking out the old one and bookmarks etc— its amazing to me, how the ignorance is still so rampant on here…. people who think they “know” something and come on here and just spread bullshit. Its ridiculous. A lil bunch of amateur gossip journalists. And very naive about the ways of the world, as well. Its quite sad. Continue being little minions, flitch, nightshade and c…. “hop to it”. You are making the mass media and govt proud for continually spewing what they have chosen for u to spew, and have been silly enough not to learn the facts on your own.. Very good — heres your pat on the head now run along and play :-)

    and also one more thing — there is alot I would like to say here but just do not find it important, to be honest— as mentioned, the ignorance here is laughable….. but one thing I do recall is someone saying something about being concerned about lawyers who will go and talk to people…..just checked– it was flitch, of course…lol… you were 7,my dear when it happened… what exactly do u recall from the case when u were SEVEN????? anything u find on the net etc or in old newspaper articles are not going to give u the full picture.. even the books it appeared in were selective for the most parts as they HAD to be back then…. if u are so concerned about a lawyer who speaks to the public (and tells the public the FACTS as leo does) should you not be worried about people such as yourself that read a few articles (from the newspapers to boot! lol) and then broadcast on the net as if they know FACT??? which is more concerning to YOU? lol dont be silly people— years ago, they were convinced they should kill Steven truscott— “read” a few articles there, Flitch and come back here and tell everyone what u “know”… gimme a break– you are alittle too traumatized by the fact lil Andrea looks like your friend Andrea and you’re letting it cloud your thinking….u just want revenge— go live in a medieval dream world or the inquisition because that’s about what your intellect will allow. The scary thing is you young people are sitting all smug thinking little Andreas death has been avenged–it certainly has NOT- the person who did it is either in prison, doing time for a different crime, or on the streets (or possibly dead by now- there were 3 other people of interest who weren’t looked at enough- public pressure was too high after police bungled everything in the search and the chief resigned ). Curiosity is intellect and intellect is knowledge…knowledge cannot be obtained in a closed mind….

    “Second, since you are detectives AND scientists (you claim to know that the DNA tests done were not reliable, and that the other evidence was bogus) why don’t you two get together, so you can go ahead and prove that he’s innocent yourselves! I’d be glad to read your lab, and criminal investigation reports!” I find this humorous as well— because Joe and I know for fact these things– yet u come on here saying u were 7 lol and spew crap— so, YOU also seem to think YOU are a detective and scientist eh??? :-) oh u silly child…. convince Joe and I flitch- in all of your wisdom- convince us! we will read YOUR lab!l you offer nothing but run of the mill, newspaper headline bits to this discussion (and that is being generous to u)…. the crown will not allow this case to be looked at again and they did that by announcing that they have no more sample (which is bullshit). Do u understand that? Do u understand what that means to doing a dna test again???? I guess you probably dont follow…… this means that Johnny will stay in prison where you people want him , and the true murderer will stay amongst you—the crown (ie the govt) will not allow more tests because they do not want it coming out that they screwed up yet AGAIN.. this case would cost them a fortune..with no sample, there is nothing to compare Johnny’s dna TO.. understand??… do u know about the dna tests that had ruth windebank (go ahead and look her up- you probably dont know who that is so hop to it as u like to say) dna matching with Johnny’s at one point??? Any lawyer or doctor or scientist worth their weight in anything will tell u that dna tests of the time frame we are talking were bogus— and its SCARY to think you people dont understand how dna can be mistakenly picked up or planted… u guys are in for a shock once dna banks come into play. I guess u will believe then that the law is infallible???l I am so glad I’m old lol… I dont have to stick around long to see u naive people lay your lives in the hands of the govt and trust that u r being taken care of. It scares the hell outta me. lets hope a dead body is not dragged across a sidewalk u happened to sneeze on or you’ll find yourself bunking next to Johnny! BUT DNA IS INFALLIBLE RIGHT GUYS????? oh man… sheesh… this is a waste of breath! take care and happy new year! Now I delete the bookmark! lol

  3. Pamela Newell herself has retested all of the DNA found on the leotards with the newest most up to date technology and the results came back with an even more narrower margin of possibility that it was someone else. The possibility of the DNA being not Johnny Terciera’s is one in 6 billion. Case closed.

    Lou Adler believes DNA is faulty black magic. He needs to find another job in another field… perhaps as an Amish farmer.

  4. I feel they should allow the tests to be re-done. Now if he is “innocent” set him free…….but If he is found to be the “killer”, he should then be transferred out of Warkworth…..and placed into General Population!

  5. Personally, I think they SHOULD allow him to do another DNA test on the leotards. Since he is most likely guilty, and the DNA would again prove to be his; what’s the harm (as long as he pays for it himself)? He’s probably convinced himself over the 17 years he’s spent behind bars that he didn’t do it, what a rude awakening it will be, when his appeal for new testing backfires on him!

    I was 7 years old when this happened, and I remember it vividly. Andrea looked just like one of my own little friends (also named Andrea). I will never forget this case! That monster needs to be put into a prison population that eats child predators for breakfast; not a nice place where he has lots of other disgusting pedophiles as friends!

    Joe, and L: First, what the hell kind of lawyer grants such interviews to any schmuck off the street? I have some SERIOUS problems with that… Second, since you are detectives AND scientists (you claim to know that the DNA tests done were not reliable, and that the other evidence was bogus) why don’t you two get together, so you can go ahead and prove that he’s innocent yourselves! I’d be glad to read your lab, and criminal investigation reports! Go on then, hop to it!

  6. FINALLY someone addressing what was most important!! He SAW her BODY and said NOTHING!!! He also said he used that room to smoke his crack. If he was willing to smoke crack in that room, he knew how much traffic went through there. It was a comfort spot. He left work early, then books off the rest of the week? I would LOVE a response from ANYONE who’s defending this monster! He is where he belongs.

  7. A young angel died, a grief stricken mother died, and johnny lives. justice,?? just because it is law that someone has to represent and give defence in court, L, you should give it up my friend. You can’t even give proper defence here, you skirt the the truth by pretending everyone else is ignorant, maybe I am igmorant too, maybe I don’t have a degree. but I can smell the truth as much as the next guy. He does the dispicable, leaves work, then returns the next morning, to check to see if she is dead, maybe to try and remove her from the place, to cover his traacks, but maybe to many cops by then, sohe leaves agian and calls in sick the rest of the time, and latter cliams he seen her and did nothing because he was scared he would get blamed. his story is inconsistant, all the ear marks OF A LIEING BASTARD. But you are wrong of another thing my friends, it is not just johnny that knows the truth, God knows too. and johnny will get what he deserves, If those of us who seem ignorant to L, and believe he’s scum, are wrong, he will be vindicated, if johnny is what he stinks of, the bible say’s ” better a milstone should be tied to his neck and he be thrown into the sea, then what god has in store for him, maybe johnny should ponder on that awhile, GOD KNOWS JOHNNY, AND HE’S COMING BACK, AND ALL WILL FACE JUDGEMENT IN FRONT OF A JUDGE WHO KNOWS ALL. i pity any women you would fall for his crap story and respone to his plea for online company. Dear women, there are probably a lot of guys on the outside that would be better company.

  8. Sick fucker. Hope he rots.

  9. Hi L its you know who from John´s camp (we spoke one night on phone) I´m in Estonia now still on my world travels and I m glad to hear you still defiant over Johnny

    some of the comments are simply ridicules I know …. you alone stand out as a true beacon of hope in johnny´s case

    please get back to me on hotmail account if you can anytime soon


  10. One documentary absolutely does NOT tell the whole thing… only trial transcripts and knowledge of events during the investigation and trial as well as all of the evidence they could NOT show..
    the bump on the head thing I agree… so did Johnny.. far fetched- BUT the idea of a trial is to show that there is cause to doubt— they could not bring in some of the other evidence they had… and that was left…but I agree that that was not condusive to the truth being heard in Johnnys situation…
    in regards to the dna and ur statements of it HAVING to be true, just shows, again, ignorance… I dont know that u people understand how it can be planted or picked up innocently so I wont bother trying to explain that again… u guys dont get it I guess… but Id love to know what people think of DNA data collecting… if youre not worried u should be.. and if ur against it, then uve proven the point I try to make…
    someday this will come out, I can only hope… but one documentary is NOT enough… get 24 years of knowledge of the people, the case and the evidence then lets talk…

    anyone who would believe what they see on tv, with jilted interviews and editing would HAVE to be out of their mind.

  11. I just saw an entire documentary/case trial on this and he’s definitely guilty!
    As far as reexamination of the leotards go, they’ve already conducted the test and the evidence works against him 10x more since the DNA only belongs to this creep and no one else.

    Also, his defence attorney had NO VALID reasoning as to why john should be free. According to him, he said that the tests conducted in 1990 are flawed.
    Okay? And how does the defence theory of: ” …Andrea died from asphyxia that resulted from a seizure, spurred by a bump to the head she had suffered six weeks earlier in a playground accident.” isn’t flawed?! How stupid did he think the jury was? I think it’s actually kind of funny how desperate they were to prove his innocence when they all know he’s guilty.

    During the defence attorney’s interview, he seemed unsure and hesitant of his answers. His answers also didn’t make ANY SENSE!
    I can’t believe lawyers actually support criminals and try to defer their sentence with non-logical theories.

    There are so many sick fucking people in this world. The little girl trusted him and he took advantage of her.
    The fact that she was only 6 years old and couldn’t put up a fight against him only makes this tool a coward. He’s in the right place and should stay there until the day he dies. We don’t want someone’s else’s daughter to suffer like Andrea did. RIP Andrea.

    And you’d have to be out of your mind to be interested in this son of a bitch.

  12. Asshat- Mexican? really? U are ignorant to the facts obviously so no reply is required to u.

    You ALSO are ignorant of the facts- “you can see it in his eyes”… thank u for the giggle— thats the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Shall we return to the days of the witch hunts so u can use the ducking stool as well???Or how about pricking?? How ridiculous.
    Secondly, he HAD a girlfriend at the time- so much for your INGENIOUS sex offender theory that its all about getting laid– even THAT point of yours is irrelevant becasue obviously u are uneducated in the hows and why’s of these horrible occurances-
    I too agree someone who does this should not be in society- the point is, is that the person who DID this to Andrea and her mother IS still out in society- the wrong one is put away. If you hoenstly believe that dna cannot be planted or left behind and mistakes canot be made, then lets hope that there isnt a murder somewhere where u’ve shed skin- could be ANYWHERE- cuz u my freind could be picked up and in a cell beside Johnny. All it takes is for some of your trace to be found on a body that was dragged and then we’ll see how firmly you believe. Wrongful convictions happen EVERY day. Open a paper. Look them up on the net. READ alittle and learn something before you make a comment so that you do not look foolish.
    Both of these comments are so irrelevant, ignorant, and stated by so obviously uneductated people. Uneducated about the case, the trial, the investigation, the people involved- uneducated in GENERAL.
    If this is the quality of commentors on this site, then it isnt even worth coming back here to read. How disappointing.

  13. As far as I am concerned Terceira is where he belongs. You can see it in his eyes and the truth of his wrong doings is right there in the articles the courts and the building he worked in. He had motive and opportunity, and it doesnt matter what kid was out the playing in the yard, he was looking for one thing he couldn’t get from his peers or those 13 and over. At 18 the only thing a guy is thinking about is getting laid and having fun in which ever way he can. He’s guilty by definition and probability. If at all for any other reason but then again the dna says so and regardless of ten or 20 year ago dna it is still dna, you can not fake or incriminate that especially where it was laid and found. Terceira does not belong in society and niether does any other sicko who hurts or defams a child. The sad part about this is not only did the child die in the result of his actions but so did the mother, he took her child away from her and sodemized this precious being. What mother wouldnt want to be without thier child, in my eyes he is responsible for 3rd degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. BOTH MOTHER AND CHILD ARE VICTUMS OF THIS CREEP HE BELONGS IN JAIL FOR LIFE AND SHOULD DIE THERE. If there was still the death penalty in canada he should`ve been sentanced to that but unfortuantly thats not the case, and our peoples tax dollars have to pay for him to live and reside in jail, but he is far better off in there then on the streets to hurt again.

  14. I want to kick his mexican piece of shit ass!!

  15. Lawyer…
    I am just curious to know if you were in court each and every day? or was it a touch and go thing between your own clients??? With the discovery of all the errors at CFS (81 cases affected, Guy paul Morin’s being one fo them) I am interested to know how we can be certain of a large majority of the scientific evidence given at that trial. I am asking I guess why u feel so confident in it when this is the centre (and the same individual) involved in the Terciera trial. I am not being rude or condescending, etc.. I am asking due to the fact that I feel most of their evidence after THAT large a screw up in so MANY cases really nullifies their findings in so many regards and casts such a bad light. I would not trust a urine test from them. I beleive also back then it was only a 3 band that was required.. it has been so long I would have to refresh my knowledge…. For me though, when the victims mother and another custodian are tested, and they come back as a DNA MATCH.. well… seeing as it is an impossibility, putting someone away for life based on it scares me to death. Everyone WANTS to believe in the system- it makes us feel safe and content- but we all also know that it is very unsafe to do so, as it is engineered and run by HUMANS.. and humans make mistakes. Sometimes grave ones that send people to the chair or to life behind bars mistakenly. Each day we see people released after being wrongfully convicted for a NUMBEr of reasons…. it is impossible to avoid, unfortunately, it is a fact of life. But this case taught me to not trust the system quite as much as I had in the past.

    “while his parents continue to want to believe in his innocence.” I find this statement interesting….. I am wondering if u can explain this to me.

    “Mr. Terceira has elected not to accept responsibility”…. he could have been out by now in some manner or another had he opted to do the programs etc.. instead he voiced his innocence and has ALWAYS claimed his innocence.. he will not do programming, as to HIM, that is the same as saying he is guilty. He does not NEED the programs due to the fact he did not commit the crime is his outlook. I pay attention to denial myself, but this case is different…. not the usual denial in that many offenders will DO the programming, and simply state “well, I am innocent, but I did the programming JUSt to get out early”. Johnny isnt even doing THAT . (what I am saying is that many offenders ‘use’ the line “just to get out” to save face to the fact they did the programming… which indirectly states guilt) It says something that he is CHOOSING to remain where he is rather than do anything resemblant to saying he did it. not too many people hold on to their claims of innocence for 20 years or for that tightly……. unless they are innocent. It calls for another look for sure.

    As joe says- if he IS guilty- jokes on us. BUT… if he is INNOCENT, as so many ppl feel, then the ‘joke’ (a very horrible joke at that) is on society as a whole …. because there is a guilty man among us who has possibly (quite likely ) victimized again , and Johnny is ALSO one of his victims.
    I know ‘I’ woudl never take responsibility for something I did not do either… and I DO realize there is always a possiblility that he is guilty- BUT we also must bear in mind that there are a GREAT many people who plead guilty who actually arent….

    there are so many discrepancies in this case… and someone mentioned eye witness in one of the other comments I believe…. there was also an eye witness in this case who saw someone who looked like Johnny come out of the building…… if u look at ANy recent (and not so recent) research on the memory and eye witness testimony it is scary as hell…. add to the fact that David Wayne Snowdon who was arrested for Kayla Kluduz murder looked very similar to Johnny-
    and yes- there WAS another test done that Johnny’s people rallied and raised the funds for. It came back inconclusive. When more money was raised to do yet ANOTHER test, the crown all fo a sudden did not have any sample left. My memory is somewhat vague on some issues- but I remember the inconclusive very well as I spoke with Johnny right afterwards. Many aspects of this case did not come out in the papers as u can appreciate being in the line of work that you are. And we all know (as I do from being a victim and going thru the courts) that the TRUTH does not always come out, either.

    you are right about one thing- the only person who knows for ABSOLUTE sure is johnny- BUT— I am sure, now that it is 20 years later, I am sure we would be surprised at how many of the people involved in this case might have suspected something else but did not speak up..or feared to… I beleive others know as well. I dont believe it is just Johnny. …

  16. HI JOE! I got it— Ive emailed u— u might wanna take that off of here now tho but Ive emailed u so let me know if u got it ok? :-) SO glad u checked this site! Hoping to hear from u soon!

  17. L – I would be glad to speak with you via email my hopeful friend – i hope you are sincere though ……. I suspect you are because you actually remember the two other custodian names and the now long deceased mother of little girl : Ruth – bless you if you are in earnest; and you can reach me at albachiaro2 on yahoo but don’t type in com at end type in ca

    lawyer – you heard of damien echols……. what to believe and what not to believe …. if what you saw is the actually truth then that would be a shame for johnny and the joke’s on me then huh….. but i think i’ll follow my gut on this one – its 20 years and counting in then end its only through our own mind’s eye we see – no matter what you or I say the facts are that there were no witnesses to that horrific crime – and most probably only johnny knows of the truth regarding his innocence ….

  18. Joe, I was first year lawyer at the time of the trial and watched it intently. Yes, DNA evidence was new. But there was nothing that I saw or heard that gives me any concern regarding the legitimacy of the finding of guilt. It was a horrific crime and Mr. Terceira has elected not to accept responsibility, while his parents continue to want to believe in his innocence. I have no doubt, based on the evidence, that the perpetrator of the crime is in prison. Until or unless he accepts responsibility, he will likely die in prison.

  19. Joe-
    it is SO good to see someone else who sees the issues in this case. I recall at one point being informed (reliable source) that the DNA methods they used were SO unreliable that a match came back between Ruth (the mother) and I beleive it was Schmidt (another custodian who ALSO had keys to the boiler room along with payne). There is SO much to this case- and for almost 20 years I check the papers constantly hoping that this horrible mistake (I agree– framing) will come to light.
    johnny is innocent, and I do not just say that due to a belief- as I know him well and his family is solid. I am GLAD to see this come back up. maybe something can be done. I wish there wsa a way to get ahold of you joe! I would really like to speak with you! We could share some helpful information, I think.

  20. Maybe someone should be restricting these guys from asking for such pen pals.

  21. Give me a break The creep is guilty, get alife and take up a REAL, TRue, WORTHY cause loser.

  22. Rob, No new DNA tests have been done on those leotards,
    I spoke directly to John’s lawyer Mr Adler last year in his office on yonge/sheppard, an interview he kindly granted me, a curious citizen,
    to answer any questions I had;
    according to him the tests done on those leotards 20 years ago are all that remain to keep John in prison – and tenuous at best
    if those leotards ever get retested and come back clean John walks plain and simple

  23. John had nothing to do with pen pal ad
    It was I who contacted him to make the request which he kindly though circumspectly agreed to
    I reached out to him because I remembered the case vividly since I was the same age when they cuffed him
    and, in my opinion, I believe he was framed for that horrific crime, being so young, a confessed drug user, and from an impoverished home, the cops easily manipulated a 18 year old kid and fluked a conviction.
    I placed that ad in hopes of spreading some awareness for John’s wrongful imprisonment

  24. Joe

    Actually I believe a new DNA sample was tested using the new technology but Terceira’s lawyer wanted testing done in an independent lab or with independent oversight. In 2006, the Toronto Sun carried a story quoting Dr. George Carmody, an expert at Carleton University in Ottawa, who said the method used at the time of the original Terceira tests was reliable but took longer and required a larger sample, meaning there was less likelihood of contamination. The modern method is faster but relies on the amplification of small samples, if only a small sample is available.

  25. His lawyer Mr Adler briefed me on his case last year :
    Hair and fiber samples are no longer allowed as reliable evidence in Ontario courts.
    After almost 20 years they got him on one piece of evidence which admittedly used very primitive DNA testing by today’s standards.
    after a few appeals the courts have been unwilling to have this vital piece of evidence retested using the newest DNA techniques – even when the appellant has offered to pay for it himself without incurring any expense from the tax payers.

  26. He looks a lot healthier today than he did 20 years ago, it must be great not having to worry about putting food on the table or paying monthly bills.

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