Day: October 13, 2010

Corrections seeks frozen treats and speedy prison builders

UPDATED OCT. 15: This post has sparked a national letter-writing campaign – and media attention – spearheaded by a British Columbia woman, Sandra Martins-Toner, whose 16-year-old son Matthew was murdered. Martins-Toner, who started a victims’ rights group to press for changes to the justice system, says it’s an outrage that convicts get ice cream. She’s appealing through Facebook for help.

Corrections Canada is scrambling to build more prison cells to house thousands more inmates who’ll be imprisoned because of the Tory tough-on-crime agenda, but they’re mindful of appeasing those convicts with frozen treats. It’s all there on the government’s contracting website, MERX, where Corrections has hastily issued an appeal for bidders to plan and supervise the construction of spaces for 192 more inmates at Bath Institution, a medium-security prison near Kingston, Ontario. On the same website, you can find a Corrections call for proposals to deliver ice cream to several federal pens in Quebec, including the prison where serial child killer Clifford Olson is housed. The ice cream deal is worth a cool $43,000.

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