‘Unreported crime’ increases, according to StatsCan

Stockwell Day had it right, according to Statistics Canada. The latest victimization survey, released today, shows that 31% of all crimes were reported to police in the survey period, compared to 34% reporting in the last survey five years ago. Day cited the increase in “unreported crime,” as he called it, as a factor in the Tory plans to build more prisons. The survey also found that the level of victimization reported by Canadians remained unchanged, at about 27%. The majority of crimes are non-violent. More later on this story.

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1 thought on “‘Unreported crime’ increases, according to StatsCan

  1. Read the fine print. The crimes that Canadians are not reporting are relatively trivial FOR THE MOST PART. Yes sexual assaults are not reported to the degree that they should In a perfect world, but Stats Can uses a VERY broad definition of sexual assault which includes “forced kissing”. Before you go championing Stockwell Day and the other purveyors of fear, talk to someone at Juristat. And here’s news for the statistically challenged: an increase of 3% in the proportion of crimes not reported is so small that it may be attributable to SAMPLING ERROR.

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