Golf bag bandits hit the jackpot

What’s in your golf bag? Maybe sweaty socks, broken tees, empty beer cans, filthy rags and scorecards you don’t want anyone to see. How about $35,000 worth of diamond rings. That’s what one female duffer was toting in her bag during a recent round at a course just west of Kingston, Ontario. Someone may have seen her stuff the rings into the bag, or perhaps knew they were there – and stole them.

This ring is among three taken from a golf bag at a course in Kingston, Ontario (click photo above for complete picture gallery)
Police aren’t saying exactly how and when the rings were believed pilfered, if they know, but it’s clear they’re stymied in their investigation, given that they’ve released some details and photos of the purloined rocks weeks after the fact. You have to wonder if this was some sort of inside job that involved someone who knows this golfer and her habit of stuffing her pricey bling into her golf bag. It seems a bit odd to tote more than $35,000 worth of jewelry around on the golf course, but what’s the option, leave it in the car or in a clubhouse locker? Those spots are more susceptible to theft.

Here’s the release from provincial police based in Napanee, just west of Kingston:

(LOYALIST TWP, ON) Theft of Valuable Rings from Golf Bag

On September 03, 2010, Loyalist OPP began investigating the theft of three rings stolen from a golf bag belonging to a guest player at the Loyalist Golf Club, in Bath. An Acton (ON) Women, considered a mid-amateur provincial golfer, was playing in a tournament in Bath between August 16 and 19 2010. She later reported her rings stolen from her golf bag 2010, valued over $36,000. Police are currently investigating the theft and describe the rings as the following:

1. Engagement ring: 18 kt yellow gold, 1.52 ct brilliant cut diamond centered between two tear-drop shaped rubies weighing total of 1.04 ct; that it looks “like a chunky pirate ring”,
2. Eternity Band: 18 kt white gold, 21 diamonds total weight of 1.42 ct, made by Knar Jewelers.
3. Thumb ring: 14kt yellow gold band with 10 band set diamonds and one solitaire diamond weight of solitaire 0.26 ct”

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