For the record: A catalogue of every crime in Canada

StatsCanCanada’s official crime statistics, the numbers released annually by Statistics Canada, have undergone a historic, but virtually overlooked, transformation. For the first time in nearly 50 years, the stats reflect raw data provided by virtually every police department, meaning StatsCan is able to release a more complete inventory of crimes. In the past, some offences were rolled into broad categories, meaning, for example, that you couldn’t see how many criminal harassment cases came to the attention of investigators – more than 20,000 last year (see the entire list after the jump).

StatsCan says the changes also expand the “violent crime” category. Remarkably, sexual violations against children was a class of crimes previously hidden in the category “other criminal code offences.” In the new and improved crime report, those 2,620 crimes reported to police last year are now recorded, for the first time, in the “violent crime” category. Other previously invisible crimes, like extortion (1,701), harassing phone calls (23,203) uttering threats (78,407), also are now out in the open.

Here’s a complete list of every one of the more than 2.4 million crimes reported and logged by police in 2009. This list isn’t widely available. It’s a custom dataset acquired from the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics by Cancrime. Keep in mind that these numbers reflect only crimes reported to police, and likely substantially underrepresent the true level of criminal activity. StatsCan is expected to release a new victimization survey in September this year, the first such report in five years. It is considered a more reliable indicator of the true level of crime.

All Crimes in Canada, 2009

All violations  2,437,299
Total, all Criminal Code violations (including traffic) 2,307,866
Total, all Criminal Code violations (excluding traffic) 2,161,313
Total violent Criminal Code violations 443,284
Homicide 610
Murder, first degree 280
Murder, second degree 261
Manslaughter 69
Infanticide 0
Total other violations causing death 95
Criminal negligence causing death 88
Other related violations causing death 7
Attempted murder 806
Sexual assault, level 3, aggravated 122
Sexual assault, level 2, weapon or bodily harm 349
Sexual assault, level 1 20,460
Total sexual violations against children 2,620
Sexual interference 1,672
Invitation to sexual touching 415
Sexual exploitation 122
Luring a child via a computer 411
Assault, level 3, aggravated 3,619
Assault, level 2, weapon or bodily harm 53,481
Assault, level 1  181,570
Assault peace officer 9,756
Assaulting with a weapon or causing bodily harm to a peace officer 62
Aggravated assault to a peace officer 4
Total other assaults 3,496
Unlawfully causing bodily harm 550
Criminal negligence causing bodily harm 261
Other assaults 2,685
Total firearms; use of, discharge, pointing 1,716
Discharge firearm with intent 527
Using firearm in commission of offence 385
Pointing a firearm 804
Total robbery  32,239
Robbery  32,236
Robbery to steal a firearm 3
Total forcible confinement or kidnapping 4,747
Forcible confinement or kidnapping 4,445
Kidnapping 42
Forcible confinement 260
Total abduction 429
Abduction under the age 14, not parent or guardian 169
Abduction under the age 16  40
Removal of children from Canada 9
Abduction under the age 14 contravening a custody order 131
Abduction under age 14, by parent or guardian 80
Extortion 1,701
Criminal harassment 20,007
Uttering threats 78,407
Threatening or harassing phone calls 23,203
Total other violent violations 3,785
Conspire to commit murder 45
Other sexual violations 639
Sexual Exploitation of a person with a disability 0
Incest 201
Corrupting morals of a child 27
Anal intercourse 15
Bestiality, commit or compel person 11
Voyeurism 375
Trap likely to or causing bodily harm 6
Hostage-taking 29
Trafficking in persons 39
Intimidation of a justice system participant or a journalist 409
Intimidation of a non-justice participant 961
Explosives causing death or bodily harm 14
Arson, disregard for human life 330
Other violent violations 684
Total Property Crime Violations 1,376,895
Total breaking and entering 205,710
Breaking and entering 205,429
Breaking and entering to steal a firearm 227
Break and Enter to steal a firearm from a motor vehicle 54
Possess stolen property 30,495
Total theft of motor vehicle 108,172
Theft of motor vehicle over $5,000 50,829
Theft of motor vehicle $5,000 or under 57,343
Total theft over $5,000 (non-motor vehicle) 15,573
Theft over $5,000 11,258
Theft over $5,000 from a motor vehicle 3,914
Shoplifting over $5,000  401
Total theft under $5,000 (non-motor vehicle) 550,183
Theft $5,000 or under 238,895
Theft $5,000 or under from a motor vehicle 220,232
Shoplifting $5,000 or under 91,056
Fraud 90,212
Identity Theft 0
Identity Fraud 411
Total mischief 362,767
Mischief 362,619
Mischief to religious property motivated by hate 148
Arson 13,372
Total Other Criminal Code violations 341,134
Counterfeiting 798
Total weapons violations 14,911
Offensive weapons, explosives 224
Offensive weapons, prohibited 9
Offensive weapons, restricted 3
Firearm transfers or serial numbers 0
Other offensive weapons 0
Weapons trafficking 149
Weapons possession contrary to order 700
Possession of weapons 12,143
Unauthorized importing or exporting of weapons 50
Firearms documentation or administration 453
Unsafe storage of firearms 1,180
Child pornography 1,594
Total prostitution 3,534
Bawdy house 120
Living off the avails of prostitution of a person under age 18   38
Procuring 210
Obtains or communicates with a person under age 18 for purpose of sex   71
Other prostitution  3,095
Disturb the peace   118,815
Total administration of justice violations 169,955
Fail to comply with order 97,290
Escape or helps to escape from lawful custody 1,070
Prisoner unlawfully at large 2,151
Fail to appear 20,236
Breach of probation 41,198
Other violations against the administration of law and justice (Part IV Criminal Code) 8,010
Total other violations 31,527
Betting house 3
Gaming house 25
Other violations related to gaming and betting 80
Indecent acts 4,769
Corrupting morals 192
Obstruct public or peace officer 8,950
Trespass at night 3,181
Utter threats to property or animal 2,358
Advocating genocide 1
Public incitement of hatred 25
Unauthorized recording of a movie 9
Offences against public order (Part II Criminal Code) 429
Property or service for terrorist activity 24
Freezing of property, disclosure or audit 0
Participate in activity of terrorist group 37
Facilitate terrorist activity 6
Commission or instructing to carry out terrorist activity 5
Harbour or conceal terrorist 0
Hoax terrorism 14
Firearms and other offensive weapons (Part III Criminal Code) 1,746
Sexual offences, public morals and disorderly conduct (Part V Criminal Code) 417
Invasion of privacy (Part VI Criminal Code) 41
Disorderly houses, gaming and betting 4
Offences against the person and reputation (Part VIII Criminal Code) 1,870
Offences against rights of property (Part IX Criminal Code) 1,272
Fraudulent transactions relating to contracts and trade (Part X Criminal Code) 451
Willful and forbidden acts in respect of certain property (Part XI Criminal Code) 1,794
Offences relating to currency (Part XII Criminal Code) 140
Proceeds of crime (Part XII.2 Criminal Code) 525
Attempts, conspiracies, accessories (Part XIII Criminal Code) 375
Instruct offence for criminal organization 3
Commit offence for criminal organization 6
Participate in activities of criminal organization 18
All other Criminal Code (includes Part XII.1 Criminal Code) 2,757
Total Criminal Code traffic violations, 146,553
Total impaired driving 88,630
Impaired operation, causing death 150
Impaired operation (drugs), causing death 4
Impaired operation, causing bodily harm 881
Impaired operation (drugs), causing bodily harm 9
Impaired operation of motor vehicle, vessel or aircraft 82,344
Impaired operation (drugs) vehicle, vessel, aircraft 1,394
Impaired operation, failure to provide breath sample 3,695
Failure to comply or refusal (drugs) 22
Impaired operation, failure to provide blood sample 122
Failure to provide blood sample (drugs) 9
Total other Criminal Code traffic violations 57,923
Dangerous operation, causing death 91
Dangerous operation, causing bodily harm 554
Dangerous operation of motor vehicle, vessel or aircraft 7,034
Dangerous operation evading police, causing death 4
Dangerous operation evading police, causing bodily harm 44
Dangerous operation of motor vehicle evading police 2,032
Failure to stop or remain 40,665
Driving while prohibited 7,142
Other Criminal Code traffic violations 223
Causing death by criminal negligence while street racing 2
Causing bodily harm by criminal negligence while street racing 2
Dangerous operation causing death while street racing 2
Dangerous operation causing bodily harm while street racing 6
Dangerous operation of motor vehicle while street racing 122
Total Federal Statute violations 129,433
Possession, cannabis 48,981
Possession, cocaine 7,543
Total, possession, other Controlled Drugs and Substances Act drugs 8,365
Heroin, possession 466
Other Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, possession 6,682
Methamphetamines (crystal meth), possession 745
Methylenedioxyamphetamine (ecstasy), possession 472
Total cannabis, trafficking, production or distribution 16,335
Cannabis, trafficking 9,170
Cannabis, importation and exportation 808
Cannabis, production 6,357
Total cocaine, trafficking, production or distribution 9,923
Cocaine, trafficking 9,521
Cocaine, importation and exportation 389
Cocaine, production 13
Total other Controlled Drugs and Substances Act drugs, trafficking, production or distribution 6,519
Heroin, trafficking 280
Other Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, trafficking 4,382
Methamphetamines (crystal meth), trafficking 354
Methylenedioxyamphetamine (ecstasy), trafficking 261
Heroin, importation and exportation 51
Other Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, importation and exportation 944
Methamphetamines (crystal meth), importation and exportation 6
Methylenedioxyamphetamine (ecstasy), importation and exportation 20
Heroin, production 2
Other Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, production 173
Methamphetamines (crystal meth), production 30
Methylenedioxyamphetamine (ecstasy), production 16
Youth Criminal Justice Act, 11,140
Total other Federal Statutes, 20,627
Bankruptcy Act 67
Income Tax Act 36
Canada Shipping Act 2,539
Canada Health Act 19
Customs Act 910
Competition Act 2
Excise Act 2,042
Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 597
Firearms Act 1,895
National Defence Act 2
Other federal statutes 12,518

Source: Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (UCR2) Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada

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