Convict roundup puts final fugitive behind bars

I was remiss in not posting sooner that the motley crew above, all federal convicts who escaped in 2009 from the same federal prison in Kingston, are now all back behind bars. The last remaining fugitive from Frontenac Institution, Kenneth McBain (centre), was caught January 27 in Toronto by the Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement Unit (ROPE), a cross-province team of officers – Ontario’s version of the famed U.S. Marshals. The ROPE squad hunts federal parole violators and escapees.

McBain bolted Frontenac, a minimum-security pen that has no armed guards or fences, on July 6 last year. Kevin Rice (left) fled the prison November 26 but was caught a few days later. Murderer Andrew Wood (right), bolted June 13 and was caught five days later. He was camping out in the bush north of Kingston, where he’d been set up with gear and food by his girlfriend, Erin Danto, a psychologist at Frontenac. The pair were nabbed swiftly thanks to some clever police work including an elaborate surveillance operation in which a team of officers tailed Danto the night she headed to Wood’s campsite to deliver supplies. Danto essentially ruined her life with that convict romance. She resigned her job before the Correctional Service of Canada could fire her, she ended up in jail and likely will lose her accreditation as a psychologist. (Here’s the whole story of the Danto-Wood affair and her conviction.)

Frontenac has a chronic escape problem, in part because of its location, which was explained in this post about Wood’s escape.

» Wood 2006 parole record
» Charges against Danto
» McBain’s parole records

Here’s a list of fugitives ROPE is still hunting.

Here’s a feature story on the origins of the current ROPE squad.

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