Cop killer Laurie Bell gets another shot at freedom

Laurie BellImprisoned cop killer Laurie Ann Bell (inset), who was caught consorting with a male prison guard the last time she was free on early release from prison, is getting another shot at freedom. This time, not surprisingly, she’s being ordered to report all “intimate relationships and friendships” to her parole supervisor, with whom she has to make contact at least four times a month. An internal parole document (available after the jump) sets out all the conditions, including the requirement that she stay at a halfway house.

Winnipeg Free Press reporter Mike McIntyre broke the story last year of Bell’s liaison with a Corrections Canada employee and he’s still on top of developments in the case. Bell is getting out on statutory release. It’s automatic early freedom given to most convicts so they can serve the final third of their sentences in the community under supervision. In this case, parole authorities imposed a host of special conditions after conducting a paper review of Bell’s case. Here’s the internal document produced last month outlining the conditions and the overview of Bell’s case:

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