Day: September 21, 2009

Escapee Evjen becoming ‘progressively more violent’

Convict Shawn Evjen (inset) was likely itching to get back to robbing banks and stores, terrorizing clerks and tellers by waving a gun or knife in their faces, so that he could earn some quick cash, enough to feed his addiction to heroin, alcohol and other drugs. It might be the simple explanation for his decision to scale two fences at Bowden Institution, a medium-security prison in Alberta, to escape Sept. 14 – just two months after his early release was yanked and he was thrown back in prison for committing new crimes. His parole records (reproduced after the jump) reveal the depths of Evjen’s narcissistic addiction to crime and violence and his refusal to change. He is as frightening as any sexual predator. He seems to enjoy terrorizing his victims and he’s indifferent to their suffering.

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