Visit the Scene of the Crime

It isn’t too early to register for the 2010 Scene of the Crime Mystery Writing festival. The 2009 event wrapped up today and was chock full of intrigue, great writing and fabulous food. I know, because I was there, as a guest speaker. Standing at the altar of the Anglican Church on Wolfe Island, I recounted some of my work as an investigative crime writer in Kingston. The intimate festival set on an idyllic island features writing workshops, up-close sessions with famous Canadian crime writers and is capped with a superb church supper. It’s held each year on Wolfe Island, the birthplace of Canadian crime writing. Check the website for registration details.

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1 thought on “Visit the Scene of the Crime

  1. Cancrime,

    As an award-winning writer, it would have been nice if you had elaborated in great detail about the fantastic dinner you had on the island. Isn't great writing about the colour and drama? A comment or two on the succulent carrot cake with its real cream cheese icing would have been appreciated. Quite frankly, I expect more from cancrime.

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