The man who never stops swearing at police

See all posts about dumb crooks and kooky crimesSean Kelly doesn’t give police the finger when he wants to drop the F-bomb. He turns his back. The Kingston, Ontario, man who is, in the parlance, ‘known to police,’ had a message for officers who showed up to a donut shop this week to arrest him after reports of a disturbance. Once Kelly’s T-shirt came off, the message was clear. Three words, tattooed in block letters about two inches tall, stretch from his left to right shoulder blades: “FUCK THE POLICE.” It seems funny, until you imagine Kelly, sprawled on the ground face down, as officers cuff his hands behind his back. At that point, his hostile artwork likely does not endear him to his apprehenders, nor does it ensure him a more hospitable stay behind bars. Kelly was charged with causing a disturbance and breaching release conditions, including an order requiring him not to drink. Police were called after reports of an irate man at the donut shop screaming at a woman. The man also was seen banging his head off the plate glass window of the shop. Kelly appeared in court to face charges, shirtless. Some court staff grimaced; some snickered.

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