Police keep canal killing evidence under wraps

The Montreal mother and father accused of killing three of their children convinced a court today that they should be allowed to communicate with their three other children. Mohammed Shafia and Tooba Mohammed Yahya appeared in a Kingston courtroom, by video, from the detention centres where they’re being held. Their son Hamed, 18, also appeared today.

The court agreed to amend a non-communication that had been imposed that forbid the parents from communicating with their other three children, who were taken into custody by child protection authorities in Quebec when they were arrested July 22. The change means the couple can talk to the children, if the child protection authorities approve it. At today’s hearing, it also was revealed that Kingston Police have told defence lawyer Peter Kemp, who represents Mohammed Shafia, that they won’t provide any evidence to him until Aug. 12 at the earliest. Without that disclosure, the defence lawyers can’t prepare for possible bail hearings (see previous post about that process).

All three accused were ordered to appear by video again Aug. 14.

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