Canada's worst rapist, Selva Subbiah, stabbed at KP

(UPDATED MAY 15) A serial sex predator who may be Canada’s worst rapist nearly had his prison sentence abbreviated today. Selva Kumar Subbiah (inset), who is imprisoned at maximum-security Kingston Penitentiary, was stabbed by fellow convicts, Cancrime learned.

Subbiah was rushed to an outside hospital in Kingston, Ontario, suffering from six stab wounds. At last word, he was in intensive care. Corrections Canada said the injured inmate was taken to hospital as a precaution, but suffered only “superficial” injuries and was returned Friday to Kingston Pen. Corrections said “two aggressors” were thrown into segregation while the incident is investigated. Subbiah, a Malaysian immigrant who will be deported if he survives his Canadian prison stint, is serving 24 years for a string of violent rapes in the Toronto area. He was convicted of beating, drugging and raping more than 30 women, although police investigators believe he attacked at least 500 women, and perhaps as many as 1,000. Police fear many women never knew for certain that they were victims because Subbiah used powerful drugs to render his victims unconscious before he molested and raped them. He was convicted of 75 crimes, including 26 sexual assaults. He has earned a reputation in prison as an arrogant manipulator, according to Cancrime’s sources. That kind of posturing can easily get you killed in prison, where even the smallest irritation can attract a shiv in the back. Subbiah was due for automatic release from prison in January 2009, but the National Parole Board ordered him kept behind bars because he is too dangerous to release. Subbiah has resisted treatment and denied that he caused serious harm to his victims, parole records show. He has beaten and terrorized girlfriends and spouses, in addition to women he woos with phoney claims of being a talent scout. He’s considered a high risk to reoffend. His sentence expires in January 2017, providing he doesn’t expire first.

• A previous post on Subbiah includes the complete National Parole Board decision to keep him locked up.

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