Rapist Rene Bourdon’s 31-page catalogue of lies

Rene BourdonThe National Parole Board’s file on rapist Rene Bourdon (inset) is a growing inventory of lies. Fuelled by pornography, Bourdon uses the Internet to troll for women he can drug and assault. Cancrime introduced him recently, with this post about his latest violation of release conditions. The 31-page record of National Parole Board decisions (available after the jump) catalogues his repeated refusals to follow rules meant to curb his sexual deviancy.

The 31-page document below contains seven different decisions rendered by the parole board involving Bourdon (inset) between November 2005 and April 2009. They are presented in reverse chronological order, with most recent (2009) appearing first. The records reveal the parole board’s struggle to restrain a sexual deviant who has resisted treatment and appears determined to hunt new victims, even while he is under the watch of Corrections and parole authorities. Expect to hear more about Bourdon in future.

Some of the decisions are paper reviews of the case in which the board imposed new rules or changed the terms of the supervision orders imposed on Bourdon:

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