Devious rapist Rene Bourdon evades supervision

Rene BourdonRapist Rene Bourdon (inset) was considered so dangerous when he was sentenced in North Bay in 2003 for attacks on three women that a judge imposed one of the most restrictive legal leashes available to rein in a sex offender’s deviancy – short of a life sentence in prison. But as Bourdon’s case has progressed, it’s clear there’s a significant loophole in the law that he’s exploiting.

The problem rests with the long-term supervision order slapped on Bourdon for seven years. It gives authorities the power to keep tabs on Bourdon after his sentence has expired. Long-term supervision orders were created as an alternative to the onerous dangerous offender designations, which require a long and complex court process and can put a criminal behind bars for life. In theory, long-term supervision orders keep the community safe because they force the ex convict to live by strict conditions while he’s free and report to a parole supervisor. Ideally, it’s a safer way to reintegrate a dangerous offender. In many cases, like Bourdon’s, the criminal is required to live at a halfway house. But Bourdon has found, perhaps unwittingly, a way to run out his seven-year supervision order without having to abide by any conditions. He keeps breaking the rules of his order, and ends up being tossed behind bars, to await decisions of the National Parole Board and the courts. While he’s behind bars, where he poses no risk to the community, his long-term supervision order continues to expire.

It’s happening again right now.

Bourdon appeared before two members of the National Parole Board April 7 because he was caught, for the fifth time, breaking his conditions. This time, it’s believed he was on the Internet with a laptop computer, perhaps surfing porn or trolling for women, as he’s done in the past. Bourdon was living at a halfway house in Hamilton when he was caught with the laptop. His release was suspended and he’s now behind bars at Bath Institution, a medium-security federal prison just west of Kingston, Ont. While he sits there, posing no risk to the public, his long-term supervision order is still ticking away. The clock on that seven-year term doesn’t stop until Bourdon is convicted of a new offence and begins serving the sentence. But he can amass significant time behind bars, waiting for the process to grind on. It happened once already, in 2006, when Bourdon was caught consorting with two teenage girls, aged 15 and 16, while he was living at a halfway house in Kingston. In that case, the same thing happened. He was scooped off the street, thrown back behind bars and eventually convicted of violating his supervision order. While Bourdon waited for a judge to pronounce sentence, more than 20 months ticked off his supervision order – 20 months when he posed no risk to the community.

It’s likely Bourdon, described by his parole officer as a chronic liar, will shave another significant chunk of time off his supervision order this time around again and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. When he’s finally released again, there’ll be little time left to keep tabs on him as he slips back into society, and the intent of his long-term supervision order will have been circumvented.

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10 thoughts on “Devious rapist Rene Bourdon evades supervision

  1. In response to N.Wilson; speaking of facts maybe you should read up on the following, you may find it interesting:

  2. My Dear Emily; You are a wonderful young girl who has numerous people who love you especially your family. Your mom and step-dad are proud of you and love you very much. You are not responsible for what your father did, or should feel bad because he is in jail. He needs to take responsibility for what he has done. He will always be your father, but it is also okay to feel the way you do about not wanting him in your life. Keep up your spirits and keep doing well in school. I am sure you have a bright future ahead of you.

  3. You guys seriously don’t have a life! To comment on the first chick Wendy…come on … get a life girl.. if you’re dating some looser guy who’s in and out of jail – yeah that’s setting a great example for your daughter. You will win Mother of the year that’s for sure. You should maybe worry about your own man maybe doing this to your daughter someday and not so much about other people.
    And what about Morgan… oh man, dude you, yourself were in jail… let me guest in you were in there with Rene in the same ward…you were probably found guilty of the some kind of thing and here you are giving us your opinion. Thanks but no thanks! Again you should worry about your own charges and not breaking your own conditions.
    And then you have this concerned citizen … what world of you from… that you stop on Rene Bourdon and oh… man I’m afraid. Do you know how many rapist are out there and that are probably living next door to you and you doing even know? Go see you local police office and ask them for a list of rapist in your area and worry about that.
    What about the writer. Buddy, get your facts straight before posting this shit up. I’ve been reading a lot about this guy Rene and attending his court appearance and
    “Perhaps surfing porn or trolling for women, as he’s done in the past” Do you know for a fact that’s what he was doing? Are you writing this so that it would appeal to people – have them reading your stuff?

    All this to say there’s lots of people out there that do mistake and that are sick which a lot of them get treatment and also pay for their mistakes in a big way. If you don’t like the system then do something about it and change it. Why are there people killing others and only getting a few years and you have rapist who only get 1 -4 -6 -9 + years. I’m not defending this at all I’m simply saying think about what you’re typing before typing it. And only type/print the facts.

    And for the daughter, I’m truly sorry that you are going through this whole experience. I do feel for you.

  4. well i dont care about my dad anymore i sometimes want him out of my life

  5. I just got out of jail today oct 4th i was locked up with renes for 10 months. MY time in jail there was a kid about 18 years old his girl friend sent him some pitchers of her in her underwear and bra. His pitchers went missing they were found in renès cell. He is in hamilton jail HWDC and gets beat up all the time because of his charges

  6. Escuse me people u r talking about my dad u people should live your stupid mouth shut because you r making me cry

  7. There has been little information regarding Mr. Bourdon in the news or to be found on the internet. Has he been released, what is his current position now. I live in North Bay, and am aware his parents are still in the area. Are we at risk of this high risk offender being out in public at this time??

  8. He's a sick, sick person, deserves to be locked up and throw the keys away for good beause he will re-offend!I guarantee it.

  9. Glad to hear you didn’t meet up with Bourdon. He seems harmless and mild mannered when you meet him – not threatening in any way, but we now know that’s one of his tricks.

  10. Something needs to be done about him…hes such a creepy guy. I had an incounter with him when he was in The Keele CCC 3 years or so ago…I was dating my daughters dad who was also in there for robberies. (i know stupid on my part) one day Renes parents came the same day as I did, and he got my address and phone number from the sign in book and called me and sent flowers with a card saying “I just want to be friends” and asking me for coffee…I reported it to my ex’s P.O and she said she would look into it, and didnt tell me I was in danger…imagine if i was a stupid girl and went with him, I would have been another of his many victims

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