How prison sex happens: Melanie does Millhaven

Keeper-kept sex isn’t unusual in Canada’s federal penitentiaries, so the tale of Mountie-killer Laurie Ann Bell consorting with a male prison guard at the Edmonton Institution for Women shouldn’t be shocking.

A former warden of one of Canada’s toughest federal pens claimed that a female staffer at his institution regularly treated convicts to some unapproved rehabilitative programming:

Bill unbuckled his belt and opened the zipper on his pants. Melanie pulled the pants down so his full buttocks were exposed. Then she continued to massage Bill’s lower back. He wanted something more and rolled over on his side. He grabbed Melanie’s hand and placed it inside his shorts. He was fully erect, and instead of withdrawing her hand like she knew she should, Melanie pulled Bill’s shorts down and began to fondle his penis. It took just moments before Melanie brought Bill to a climax. He had not had a woman touch him for a long time.

It’s not an excerpt from Penthouse forum, or some other softcore porn. It’s a passage from the chapter titled Melanie does Millhaven, in the book Warden, by Hank Neufeld, who was warden of maximum-security Millhaven Institution, located near Kingston, Ontario, for two years, beginning in January 1978. Neufeld’s racy prose reveals that a staff physiotherapist at the Haven – home to hitmen, bikers and bank robbers – serviced convicts during their visits to her prison clinic (use the links above to access a substantial portion of the book at Google book search).

Bell’s reputed hookup with a male prison guard led to the suspension of her parole. The saucy escapade hasn’t yet been proved, or disproved, and Bell’s fate hasn’t yet been decided. The male guard says it didn’t happen.

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