Predator with “overwhelming history of deviant sexual offending” free

Cancrime first introduced pedophile Walter Jacobson in December 2008 [first post]. After the jump, you’ll find a decade of decisions by parole authorities who struggled to control this persistent child predator when the courts failed to brand him a dangerous offender – a decision that could have kept him locked up indefinitely.

Jacobson, who preyed on hundreds of children and who amassed dozens of convictions in a 40-year crime spree has been free from prison since 2005. The National Parole Board and the Correctional Service of Canada no longer have any control over him. Jacobson never killed, mutilated or maimed his victims. That’s one of the reasons he wasn’t locked up forever, despite the monstrous amount of psychological damage he inflicted. You’ll discover in the parole documents that Jacobson once admitted that there were victims for which he was never charged or convicted.

These records represent six different parole hearings, beginning in July 1995, when the board noted his “overwhelming history of deviant sexual offending,” and ordered him kept in prison as long as possible. Jacobson turns 67 on May 8.



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