EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s worst rapist won’t go free

Selva SubbiaCanada’s worst serial rapist, a ‘vile’ predator who police believe has assaulted hundreds of women, is not getting out of prison early. The National Parole Board ordered Selva Kumar Subbiah (inset) detained because he is too dangerous to be freed early. The decision was made in December (see the parole document after the jump), when Subbiah was due for automatic release after serving two thirds of his 24-year sentence for beating, drugging and raping more than 30 women. He was convicted in 1992 and 1997 and is serving time for 75 crimes, including 26 sexual assaults.

Prison authorities had recommended to the parole board that Subbiah be kept behind bars out of fear he’ll rape more women as soon as he’s freed. Police believe there are many more victims, dating to 1980 when Subbiah came to Canada from Malaysia. Sexual assault squad investigators in Toronto interviewed more than 500 women, including many who did not want to press charges. The internal parole board record of Subbiah’s case, available exclusively on Cancrime, shows that he has resisted treatment, is indifferent to the psychological and physical damage he has done and minimizes his crimes. In a remarkable display of arrogance, Subbiah told the parole board he presents “zero” risk to reoffend. A judge who sentenced him concluded that “your conduct in the past was so disgusting and so vile that no punishment ascribed by this court would do justice to you.” The Crown prosecutor described him as the most “pernicious and persistent” serial rapist in Canadian history. After he was arrested, police found prescription drugs, photos of drugged women who were being stripped and photos of Subbiah having sex with his victims. Officers found a notebook with the names of roughly 400 women who are believed to be victims. Each woman’s name was opposite a numerical rating from 1 to 10. Subbiah typically incapacitated his victims by spiking drinks with Halcion, a powerful sedative. He would photograph the helpless prey as he undressed and raped them. Subbiah often seduced women with claims that he was a model talent scout or movie producer.

Subbiah continued to prey on women from behind bars. In 2002, staff at maximum-security Kingston Penitentiary, where he was confined, learned that Subbiah was trying to manipulate women by telephone so that he could get nude photos or phone sex.

Subbiah will be deported to his native Malaysia as soon as he is released from prison in Canada.

Here is the full record of the December 2008 parole decision:

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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s worst rapist won’t go free

  1. i feel for you 'victim' a fellow correctional officer grabbed him in his cell a few days ago and i have never seen anyone more scared for their well being EVER! He was like a little girl being yelled at by her daddy! He's not tough at all, in fact he's nothing but a scared little girl.

  2. Thank God he didn't minipulate the system and get released. I don't imagine he would ever leave and go back to Malaysia. He would just start all over again. He is a sick F@#^$#@^$#@

  3. I was a victim of selva's and i know that if released he will offend again. I hope he rots in hell and wouldn't shed a tear if he should never leave the confins of Kingston Pen. i wish he would just die.

  4. Canadas worst, try North Americas if not the Worlds Worst serial Rapist.

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