Number of pardons sought surges

The number of Canadians seeking to sweep skeletons from their closests has skyrocketed. New stats released by the federal government show that the number of pardons sought last year shot up by 62% – 40,428 pardon applications were filed last year compared to 25, 021 the year before. The number of pardons granted more than doubled. A pardon essentially purges a person’s criminal record, and there’s no shortage of Canadians with records, roughly one in 10 people. The chart above shows a five-year trend.

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Convict roundup puts final fugitive behind bars

I was remiss in not posting sooner that the motley crew above, all federal convicts who escaped in 2009 from the same federal prison in Kingston, are now all back behind bars. The last remaining fugitive from Frontenac Institution, Kenneth McBain (centre), was caught January 27 in Toronto by the Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement Unit (ROPE), a cross-province team of officers – Ontario’s version of the famed U.S. Marshals. The ROPE squad hunts federal parole violators and escapees.

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The case of the polite parole violator

See all posts about dumb crooks and kooky crimesIn the dead of winter, when you’re three sheets to the wind, tired and far from home, a police station can look like an inviting crash pad, particularly if you’re a man of limited means. That might be the explanation for the bizarre behaviour of a paroled federal prisoner who showed up at the HQ of the constabulary in the Friendly City, as Belleville, in eastern Ontario, is known. Police noted, dryly, that:

At approx 4 a.m. an extremely intoxicated male attended the front desk of the police station advising that he was breaching his parole conditions and proceed (sic) to list all of the conditions being breached

While it clearly wasn’t a hot crime story, someone at the Belleville PD with a wry sense of humour thought to put the story out in a release (read it after the jump).

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