Living in L.A. is just like living in Canada

Living in Los Angeles, the sun-drenched west-coast home of 10 million Americans is apparently just like living in Canada, the frozen north of 33.4 million Canucks. A Los Angeles Times online crime map proves it (enter a date range to see only 2008 murders). LA registered nearly the identical number of homicides in 2008 to Canada’s count in 2007 (2008 Canadian totals aren’t yet available).

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Convict cartography: Where the bad guys are

View Kingston, prison capital of Canada in a larger map

Locating more than 2,000 convicts who call the Kingston area home is a matter of geography. They’re all mapped up. This cancrime map (click the view larger map link to explore) charts the location of the eight federal penitentiaries in the Kingston region that house prisoners serving sentences of two years or more. Kingston has the largest concentration of federal pens of any region in the country and is home to the nation’s oldest joint, Kingston Penitentiary, a stone fortress built along the Lake Ontario shoreline with convict labour. It opened in 1835.