Infamous child killer Saul Betesh makes bizarre threat

Emanuel JaquesImprisoned child sex killer Saul Betesh says he’s prepared to bring on kidney failure by refusing to take insulin if federal prison authorities don’t acede to his demands, Cancrime has learned. Betesh has been in prison for  more than 30 years, since he and two other men abducted, tortured, raped and murdered Toronto shoeshine boy Emanuel Jaques (inset) in 1977. The crime sparked national outrage and led to a massive cleanup of the sex trade in Canada’s biggest city.

Betesh wants out of medium-security Warkworth Institution, the federal prison near Campbellford, Ontario, where he’s serving his life-25 sentence for first-degree murder and he claims he’s willing to use desperate measures to get what he wants. I gained access to a confidential Corrections Canada memo written by a senior official at Warkworth, explaining Betesh’s demands and his actions. The March 3, 2011 memo says:

Offender Betesch (sic) wants a transfer to the East Coast (Dorchester) or Bath Institution, but out of Warkworth. Please be advised already has request for transfer in for Dorchester. Betesch can not go to Bath but knows this. Offender claims he is refusing his meals and now his insulin and will do so until next week. He says will then begin eating his normal rations but will refuse his insulin and thus will bring on kidney failure. Once that happens the offender advised that it will cost CSC $2000 per day to treat him and they will feel the pain and suffering they have caused him.

Saul Betesh
Saul Betesh

Betesh has been a thorn in the side of prison officials since he was sent to prison. In 2002, he sent me a letter, explaining that he was on a hunger strike because of the refusal of Corrections to allow him to practise his religion, Wicca. He also was demanding a transfer to a prison in western Canada and he wanted CSC to recognize that another male inmate is his same-sex partner. It was just one of a number of hunger strikes by Betesh, a once svelte man who ballooned to over 200 pounds while behind bars.

Betesh was eligible for a parole hearing in 2002, but he waived the right and has continued to do so every two years, likely because he knows that he’ll never be released.

Betesh was convicted in 1978, along with Robert Kribs and Josef Woods, of the sexual torture and murder of 12-year-old Emanuel Jaques, a boy that Betesh plucked off the street. Betesh offered him $25 to help carry camera equipment. Instead he took Emanuel to a flophouse above a seedy body rub parlour on Yonge Street, where he was forced into vile sex acts. Betesh confessed the details to investigators and even agreed to return to the apartment and re-enact the murder. He explained that he and his cohorts were gay predators who regularly snatched boys off the street and forced them into sex acts. Betesh said he and Kribs, Stretcher as he was known on the street, took turns violating the boy for about two hours.

After they had raped Emanuel, they fed him sleeping pills. They planned to release the drugged boy in a park, but Betesh said, in his confession that was read in court, that the pills didn’t work, so he tried to strangle him with a cord.

I went in and I put the stretch cord, stretch plastic to hold suitcases onto a car, around his neck and I started to choke him and it lasted about two or three minutes and I just couldn’t finish the job. I came out and by that time Joe suggested trying to put a pillow over his head so that I couldn’t see him and so be able to finish the job. Stretch and I went back in and we decided to drown him so we did it that way.

Betesh drowned Emanuel in a sink. They wrapped his body in two plastic garbage bags and a plastic curtain and hit it behind a pile of lumber on the roof of the building. The conspirators were caught within a few days. A fourth man, Werner Gruener, was charged but was acquitted of first-degree murder at trial.

Woods died behind bars in 2003. Kribs was denied parole in 2002.

Corrections Canada no longer comments publicly on hunger strikes by prisoners, though it was common practice in decades past to talk about them.

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13 thoughts on “Infamous child killer Saul Betesh makes bizarre threat

  1. What a filthy little piece of garbage. Betesh whines, “they will feel the pain and suffering they have caused him.”

    No mention of the pain and suffering he caused Emanuel Jaques.

    I say, let him refuse his insulin- it’ll be a self-correcting problem.

  2. Canadians need to stop being held hostage by these monsters behind bars. Let him suffer a horrible death. Why should he be shown any mercy? Did he show Emmanuel any? Civil Liberties should go only so far. He is a confessed child killer, he no longer has any rights in my opinion. Why is he in a medium security prison to begin with? He should be in a 20ft hole in the ground.

  3. I agree with Jacqueline, why does the Canadian law allow, these Things we refer to as criminals to still be alive in jail. Then to top it off put up with these ridiculous threats made by this Child killer betesh and others like him. Do you think they would put up with that in Saudi Arabia or China? We say they are Barbaric in their laws but how many child molesters get away with their crimes over in those countries? Do these sickos get TV and cigarettes and exercise and get separated from other inmates in Saudi or China? No, there’s no need for that because they are put in a cell in the dark in 40 degree centigrade and are put to death in less than a month!
    Wake up Canada! Get rid of bernardo, betesh, the pig farmer, and clifford olson, and all the rest of them and save us some tax dollars. Look at homolka she got away with murder! Now she had a kid and is living a normal life and who knows what that kid will grow up to be? Does she deserve to have that life when she took away the life of 3 girls we know of 100% for sure! Those girls are DEAD! They will never have a life why does she get one! There’s something totally wrong here and it’s disgusting! The people who let her go should be ashamed of themselves! Just Kill these Pedophiles, Child Killers, and Serial Murders. Get them off the face of our land! Nobody wants them and nobody cares! P.S. none of these dirty killers get a capital on their names!!!!

  4. The value a society places on their children is reflected in their laws. SHAME SHAME on CANADA! Why is that ‘THING’ still alive?? Canadians need to demand the death penalty for crimes against children. I will never forget Emanuel or Sharon Morningstar, or Holly or all the other children that have been murdered by these monsters. Let that “THING” starve! I’m sick of paying to house these monsters! When someone murders a child why are we so concerned about THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS???? THEY ARE NOT HUMAN.

  5. Saul Betsesh and his creepy acomplisses should all be raped and tortured just like what they did to poor little Emanuel.

  6. Who cares if he has kidney failure or he doesn’t eat, let him die or starve. Why should Canagian tax payees give a dam about a killer in jail who murdered a Child? He deserves to die like the scum that he is and no one cares about him. Does he actually think people out here care what he does all we want is for him to suffer every day to the max! He is a worthless scum-sucking, cold-hearted, pedophile,child, killing murderer! I hope he Burns in the deepest depth of He’ll with the likes of Hitler, Dahlmer, Bin Ladin, etc…. Go to He’ll Saul Betesh you scum!

  7. Why do we continue to keep killers in jail and waste
    Taxpayers dollars.? “An eye for an eye”

  8. I am a 3rd cousin to Emmauel.
    I know i am bias but I say he should rot! he lived to long anyway.

  9. I hope he dies a long, slow, torturous death.

  10. Let him ROT!
    I am a 3rd cousin to Emmanuel and I still think of him and what they did to him.
    This guy has lived to long in my opinion!

  11. I remember the crime, and it wasn’t a 2 hour sexual torture. It was over 12 hours. Emanuel begged for his life and they refused to let him have a chance to live. Saul you don’t deserve a chance because you don’t believe in giving chances. “

  12. Let him go on a hunger strike and refuse his meds. When his kidneys fail – so be it. No treatment – instead a DNR. I live pretty close to Warkworth and would be more than happy to see him go elsewhere, but why does he want out of Warkworth anyway? If they do send him somewhere else ensure that he is released into gen pop and that all inmates know who he is and what he did. That should solve the problem!

  13. I say give him his transfer – and replace his insulin with DRAIN CLEANER. That should take care of THAT problem.

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