Prison bosses plan to expand 35 penitentiaries

Inmate at the barsThe country’s federal prison service is preparing to expand 35 existing penitentiaries across the country to accommodate an inmate population that is ballooning because of Conservative government law-and-order initiatives, Cancrime learned. The government and Corrections Canada, which runs the country’s 58 federal facilities, have consistently refused to provide any specifics of spending plans. A list obtained by Cancrime shows that plans are being made to add new units to 29 men’s facilities and all six women’s prisons.

Collins Bay constructionAny doubt that new cells would have be built nationwide was erased in June, when the parliamentary budget officer released a report predicting that just one Tory get-tough tactic, the elimination of two-for-one pre-trial credit, would swell the federal prison population by about 4,000 inmates in the next five years, requiring the construction of 13 new prisons. There are about 13,500 federal prisoners now. Two years ago, Corrections completed a refit of medium-security Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, where four new open-concept units were added (units under construction in inset picture), at a cost of nearly $60 million. The construction required over the next five years will cost $2 billion, the parliamentary budget officer estimates.

Remarkably, although the new prison cells will be built with tax dollars, the government has refused to tell the folks footing the bill – taxpayers – what it plans to build and where. Now Cancrime has some answers.

Information compiled by senior Ontario CSC manager Chris Price says “construction will take place at institutions in locations where we expect the greatest increases in offender population.”

Price says new units will be built at the following men’s prisons:

Springhill Institution
Westmorland Institution
Atlantic Institution
Montée Saint-François
La Macaza
Federal Training Centre
Donnacona Institution
Frontenac Institution
Fenbrook Institution
Pittsburgh Institution
Bath Institution
Beaver Creek Institution
Collins Bay Institution
Rockwood Institution
Bowden Institution
Riverbend Institution
Drumheller Institution
Drumheller Institution (Minimum)
Edmonton Institution
Bowden Institution
RHC/Pacific Institution
Pê Sâkâstêw Centre
Mission Institution
Willow Cree Healing Centre
Kent Institution
Ferndale Institution
William Head Institution

…and all six women’s prisons:

Nova Institution for Women
Joliette Institution
Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario
Edmonton Institution for Women
Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge
Fraser Valley Institution for Women

For thumbnail sketches of all of the prisons above, visit this CSC site.

Here’s the entire parliamentary budget officer’s report:


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  1. Val Alexander says:

    Does the government know what goes on in these penitentiaries on a daily basis? Does is look at the lack of food, medical attention and basis provisions? Does the government know how they destroy supporting family members on the outside by preventing them to see their loved ones calling it “in the best interest of the institution? Everybody gets released eventually. What kind of citizens had CSC created to put back on the street?

  2. Can you find out if they are going to be building new Institutions because the existing ones are bad. Look at KP, 175 years old!