Winnipeg snatches title of Canada’s violent crime capital

Crime scene tapeWinnipeg, Manitoba has snatched from Regina, Saskatchewan the title of Canada’s (big city) violent crime capital. New figures released today by Statistics Canada show Winnipeg’s violent crime severity index is 187, double the national figure of 93.7. The violent crime severity index measures the severity of crimes reported to police. Among roughly 210 Canadian communities with populations of 10,000 or more, the centre with the most severe violent crime index isn’t a big city.

Tiny Quesnel, British Columbia has the overall highest violent crime severity index, at 329.7, meaning violent crime there is three and a half times worse than the national index. Keep in mind that the new crime severity indexes, introduced by Statistics Canada in 2009, suffer the same significant shortcoming as the old fashioned crime rates – they’re based on crime that has been reported to police. Victimization surveys tell us that roughly two thirds of all crime is never reported to police.

Here’s Statistics Canada’s chart showing crime severity and violent crime severity indexes for all of the country’s big urban areas, called Census Metropolitan Areas

Crime severity index chart from StatsCan

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